Life is Pain-The Agony of the HEA

I’m not going to waste any time jumping into this topic, and I’ll start by saying I don’t trust anyone who tells me “Life is Pain,” particularly in cases where they’re saying it as if a motto to live by.

I’ve seen a lot of talk recently over the troubles of life and how not everything is rainbows and sunshine and puppies and kittens playing and having fun. Much of this talk has been in regards to the flow and quality of fictional stories and their general mood, but I’m going to take a step back from that and speak in terms of real life before digging into the books.

So, life is pain, huh? You know, there’s no denying that numerous parts of life hurt, and they hurt pretty damned badly. You didn’t get that job you needed and you don’t have the money coming in to pay the bills, so everyday is just a whirlwind of you trying to get by however you possibly can. People around you may be judgemental in some way, but you don’t have the resources necessary to cut them from your life by moving–or just getting a restraining order. It’s extremely difficult to get what you want if you’re not willing to put in the sweat, tears, and perhaps even the blood to acquire it.

Everyone has pain, even when you look at them and think they live such a perfect existence. Their pain may not be something that would hurt you if the shoe was on your foot (for example, someone with a high paying job may be extremely hurt that they didn’t get that promotion they’d been pining for, while you would be happy just to have the high paying job from the start). But it still hurts, and when we say “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,” this is really just another way of saying, “we want to trade one set of problems for another.”

I mean honestly, problems are everywhere, and if you think you can live without them? Well, here’s a wake up call; that’s just not going to happen. (If it does, please contact me with instructions on how to set up this perfect life!)

In any case, the point is that yes, life can deal out some pain for sure. But to say, “Life is pain”? This is an unrealistic and gross overstatement that really needs to be tempered.

Now, before you assume I’m just some naive lady who’s never experienced the bad, allow me to present some of my general “credentials”. I’ve suffered from OCD since I was seven years old, and was diagnosed with clinical depression at 18 when a nervous breakdown sent me into a horrible state of being for quite a long time afterwards–and I’m not going to go into much detail over it because it’s a period of my life I’d rather not touch on casually. I’ve struggled with weight for most of my life, and in turn, struggled with other people’s attitudes toward me because of it. Poverty? My father filed for bankruptcy in 2005-06, so I’m definitely no stranger to having very little along the lines of money.

Then, in 2013, not a week before I self-published my first book, my father passed away. He never even knew I was working to be a published author.

But despite all of the tragic moments in my life, I still think the phrase “life is pain” is a gross overstatement. Why? Because not all of it is. I’ve had some very wonderful moments in my life as well, and though sure, I sometimes judge things from the perspective of the bad that has happened to me, I also take the time to recall the good.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, we had a word for people who always focused on their pain and suffering; emo (and no, I’m not talking about people who are clinically depressed, which puts the focus on the bad all the time whether we want it to be there or not). I’m talking about those who only focus on the pain they suffer because it’s “trendy”, or because they’re honestly just looking for attention and pity. To listen to them speak, nothing good ever happens to anyone ever, and there’s just no reason to go on. Life is pain and anguish and ugh why me?

It’s a cynical view, and I can definitely understand when someone has had so much bad happen to them that it literally drowns out the light. Sometimes, we even block out that light on purpose because we’re so afraid of something else bad happening to us that we don’t want to reach out where more danger could exist. It’s hope versus despair, and how much strength we might possess to push on and improve things, or if we just give up because “problems are everywhere”.

The thing most people don’t realize is that “hope is everywhere”, too. You might scoff and say hope isn’t enough, or that it’ll drive someone insane when what they hope for just never comes to pass–and this does happen, I won’t lie. It’s hard to keep hope when it seems like you never catch a break.

But it’s also possible to hold onto it and keep pushing forward no matter what. The author J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter Series is probably the best example of this. She went through some very tough times, was on welfare and suffered in an abusive marriage. She did, in fact, hit rock bottom–but she pushed forward, published her stories, and if you want to judge success by wealth, then she became one of the wealthiest authors in the world. There was very likely points where she actually lost hope as well, but she still worked to accomplish her goals.

With that said, we can also set ourselves up for disappointment. By setting the bar too high, we sometimes don’t realize we’re actually succeeding as it’s happening. For example, I’m a self published author who would love to be a best seller, and it would be easy for me to think of myself as nothing but a failure when I hardly see any sales or get many reviews. But that would be the equivalent of jumping from A to Z instead of taking the time out to notice all the letters in between. Before I can become a best seller, I have to get my books noticed, and while I don’t sell books everyday, or get many reviews, I do sell them and receive feedback.

It’s all in the steps to success.

So! That’s a very brief summation of why “Life is Pain” is just … wrong. Now, moving onto the books, as I’d stated, I’ve seen this whole pain-game-thing being commented on in regards to fictional stories a lot recently, and the argument is basically that any story with an HEA or HFN (Happily Ever After or Happy For Now) ending is just unrealistic. Naturally, this argument plays against the Romance Genre pretty often because Romance, at it’s fundamental core, is all about the happy ending. Someone picks up a mystery book expecting to solve a mystery, and people most certainly read romances expecting to see two (or more!) characters fall in love and living their lives together.

But, according to those who’d tell you that life is pain, this is unrealistic, and as such, Romance just isn’t a real genre, and the stories aren’t up to par in comparison to other fictional tales. After all, in order for a story to be good (and realistic), the hero has to die at the end because hey, that’s just the way the monkey swings. Fiction isn’t about fantasy and adventure, after all, it’s all about the real world and how things realistically happen.

I also wonder, if all stories ended with the hero dying regardless of the outcome of their efforts, how quickly we’d get bored with every story and start pining for something different.

So honestly, this whole “life is pain” wagon people are currently riding is taking the element of surprise and intrigue out of fiction altogether. I mean, if all we’re able to write is horribly tragic tales of people suffering and gaining nothing in the end, why should we even write at all? Nothing different ever happens, so we know the ending, making it pointless to pick up the book to begin with.

Additionally, if realism is an argument you’re going to make, then stories vary, just as people’s lives vary. Some people may experience more success than others, and some books have a happier ending than others, and trying to argue that a book is bad, or isn’t even a real story, because it has a happy ending is like saying someone’s dog doesn’t make a good cat because it’s only wearing a costume and refuses to meow.

It’s judging an apple on the basis of being an orange. You can’t accurately assess a romance on the grounds of being a tragedy just as you can’t critique a tragedy on the grounds of being a good self-help book. So if what you’re wanting is sadness and pain, go read Romeo and Juliet, or any number of books out there with a tragic ending, and leave the rest to the people who’d like to enjoy it.


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The Greater Gods of The Pantheon (The Crucible Series)

So, I realize I’ve been extremely quiet here lately. But with Fated Fortunes very close to release (I’ll have an announcement on the exact date and preordering available soon now!) and some other projects at hand (some of which I’ll be updating in this post) it’s left me without much time to do any steady blogging. So, without further ado, I thought I’d share a few things over The Pantheon in my series.

Some of you may remember the post I made with the chart of The Pantheon a while back now which listed the major deities in my series.  Well!  The images above are going to be used on a page of my website pretty soon now if I can get all of the information together in a timely manner, and I’m intending to giving away just a few minor tidbits there.  After all, a number of these deities have stories that will end up coming to light during the course of the series, and some have already been revealed, at least in part.  For example, we know that Peros created the Perosian Demons (the race Isaac belongs to) and that Velias is the patron deity of mages/Mystikkar.  These two gods will get a bit of discussion in Fated Fortunes, as will Udana for currently hush-hush reasons!  :P

Anyway, as for those updates I mentioned, the first is that this blog will be moving pretty soon.  Or at least, the major posts concerning my books will be heading to my website!  This blog is currently under construction, but it’s functioning well enough now that you can follow if you like, though I haven’t managed to migrate many of my posts there yet!  In any case, and again, this blog won’t be shutting down, but I’ll be using my website more and more frequently as time goes on, so there’s a head’s up!

The last update (for now!) is that I have a new tumblr blog!  So if any of you use tumblr, feel free to give me a follow!  :)

So! That’s it for now, and I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff! :D Cheers!


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Romance Novels Don’t Make Good Movies … or?

Or do they?

I found myself considering this question the other day (pretty much at random, I’ll admit), and in the process of considering it, I recalled some things from my youth that I used to believe about romance stories. I’ve always been fascinated with romances, though I didn’t really start reading them steadily until I was around 15 years old. Naturally, at that age, I was completely enthralled. The idea of two people finding love together and having a companionship that extends beyond just romance was simply heartwarming, breathtaking, and all those other words that can describe a starstruck reader’s reaction.

So I was certainly a fan of them, and considering I’d wanted to write my own books since I was 9, yeeeeah … ! You can imagine what my writing focus quickly became centered on.

But romance wasn’t actually my first choice, believe it or not. The very first story I ever came up with an idea for was a contemporary science fiction thriller about aliens and this poor girl named Joani they end up terrorizing (and again, I was only 9 years old. I’m trying to figure out what inspired such a tale, but to be honest, I have no idea!). A few years later, the movie Jurassic Park came out, and when I learned that was an adaptation of a Micheal Crichton book, I was stunned, and didn’t hesitate to borrow it from our city library the first chance I got.

I didn’t get a chance to read the entire book sadly, but I recalled noting the differences between the story and the movie, and trying to make up my mind which version I liked better. I also remembered thinking “I can do this!”, though naturally, I never got around to trying (yay school and homework and being too young to know how to buckle down blah!).

Now, fast forward a few more years to that new fixation I’d developed with romance stories. In my heart of hearts, I truly wanted to write those types of books, the kind where, even though bad things happen, there’s a message of hope to be found, and two people pull through it all to be together. I liked those messages of hope, love, and even faith, and I’ve always tried to keep them close to home (though I may have failed at times).

But I distinctly recalled thinking I’ve never be very successful if I wrote romances, or at least, the acclaim would be negligible in comparison to other genres I could write for–and there would certainly never be a movie made about one of my books. For the life of me, I couldn’t even imagine what a romance novel would look like on the big screen, or even the small one in my living room. “No one cares about romances, they’re just silly little stories that people read, but no one ever talks about.”

That was seriously my attitude on the prospect, and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t start writing romance full time until I was in my late twenties.

Keep in mind, this was the mid 90s when the internet was in its infancy, and I literally knew no one else who had a love of romance novels like I did. Well, I did end up meeting someone I suckered into reading a few of my favorites, but she was just as clueless about the romance fan base and how wrong that opinion was as I.

I think this opinion in itself says a hell of a lot about the general perception of romance and how this genre really isn’t given the kind of respect it deserves. So would it make a good movie after all? Or a good series? As I’ve grown and learned, I’ve come to realize I was a terrible internal misogynist in my youth, and that hell yes, romance stories make excellent source material for such media! I mean there are quite a few available already, including some I wasn’t even aware of in my youth.

Yet, as I think back on it, I come to realize I really regret having those types of attitudes if only because my writing career might’ve gotten started years earlier if I’d respected my own favorite genre the way it deserves. Still, I’ve made progress. Just the other day, I was randomly messaged by another author who apparently writes a lot of sci-fi, and is going to publish their first book soon. I didn’t hesitate to respond that I’m a paranormal romance writer with my 7th book slated to release in a few months, and that sci-fi was one of my favorite genres (though I’ll admit, I tend to prefer watching sci-fi to reading it).

I haven’t gotten a response yet, but I was glad to tell someone what genre I publish in and not feel any shame about it.

Cheers! :D


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New Terminology Definitions

I know what you’re thinking; the terminology page on my website is long enough already. Well, it just got a little longer. I mentioned updating it in a previous post, but I thought it might be a good idea to list some of the new definitions here just to make things easier on everyone! :)

For those of you who’ve read The Final Calling, you’ll notice a number of these terms were featured in that book. For those of you who’ve read all of my stories, you’ll realize several of these have never been mentioned before at all. This is because some of the information will be featured in the upcoming Fated Fortunes (you can download an excerpt here) and I wanted to have these things ready to go once the story is out. :D

Aeonic Well: A mystical well located in Mystikkar that powers a mage’s spells and magic. This well is said to be a divine construct gifted to Mystikkar by the God of Magic, Velias.

Cordivus: An archaic token used to refer to one of two things; either a person chosen as a vessel to carry the essence of a deity, or a deity who’s taken physical form. It’s unclear if the word was originally meant to refer to both definitions, or just one.

Divinity: What most supernatural races call heaven.

Ithelyon: A sister realm to Terra with similar climates and landscapes. Minor difference exist in the length of the year, as well as the change of the seasons, and Ithelyon is a world of magical technology, not scientific. Several races hail from this world, including draconians, elves, and gnomes.

Nightfall: The newly established Order of Vampires.

Peros: The God of Darkness and creator of the Perosians, who are now considered demons after their God’s purported fall from Divinity.

Portal Sphere: A sphere enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. Taking these spheres to the realm they connect with will cancel their magic and make a new enchantment necessary.

Portal Stone: A stone enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. These stones have limited charges, but unlike the spheres, stones may be taken with the user to their destination without canceling their magic.

Skyriders: A militant draconian organization the raises and flies drakes in defense of their cities and territories. They also do work for outside parties if the price is right.

Spire Shard: A small shard of any building housing a Spire, enchanted to teleport a user to the same Spire the fragment came from. These shards can only be acquired from a Spire, and are only good for one use. Once the charge is depleted, they must be returned to the Spire for a recharge.

Terra: Formal name of the mortal world/Earth.

Third Eye: A magician’s spell in which a magical orb resembling an eye is summoned. This eye can travel short distances under the magician’s control, and whatever it sees and hears, the magician also knows.

Transit Sphere: A sphere enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination. Unlike transit stones, spheres are not teleported with the user.

Transit Stone: A stone enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination, and the stone teleports with the user. Most stones have limited charges, but those that don’t sacrifice an unlimited teleporting range for power. In order to set the stone’s anchor point, a user must first visit the location they wish for their sphere to connect with.

Udana: The Goddess of Light and creator of Elves, said to be a loving but strict deity.

Velias: The God of Magic and patron deity of mages.

You can read more at the terminology page! :)


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Ask a Character – First Q&A Session

To: Chandra, From: Cuppa Jo

Question: So Chandra, you are slayin’ it — as always. Your taste is flawless. So help a holiday-deprived girl out. If you could have your pick of any getaway destinations, spas, resorts, skiing, shopping etc., where would you go and would you invite me? *puppy eyes*

Answer: A single, slender brow arched over one of the sorceress’ piercing eyes, her impassive mien making it difficult to surmise what she might’ve thought of the query in general. Yet she didn’t deny the questioner an answer, and stated it flatly.

“I wouldn’t know where to go in Terra. I’ve spent little time there, and harbor no interest in vacationing in the mortal world. But in Ithelyon, I’d visit the Novidosian hot springs. The surrounding jungles are quite lush and the nearby draconian city of Novidos is renowned for it’s large marketplace.”

Idly inspecting her manicured nails, she added just as plainly, “As for whether I’d invite you, the answer is no. But you might thank me for that considering the number of basilisks inhabiting the area. A mortal such as yourself wouldn’t last long if bitten.”


To: Isaac, From: Anonymous

Question: So, do you think Rothario is sorry-o that he messed with you?

Answer: A long pause of silence ensued the question, that was, aside from a single, heavy thump. The cause of the sound was the demon’s head hitting the desk next to his microphone, his shoulders vibrating with silent laughter.

But Isaac was soon to recover well enough to speak, and lifted his head to respond.

“Holy. shit. Who the fuck are you and can I buy you a goddamned drink? But the answer is yeah, I think the fucknut’s pretty sorry he didn’t kill me when he had the chance. Oh, and something else I heard is that he had a nose for trouble, but, well … ”

Trailing, the demon grinned wickedly, drawing out, “Not anymore.”


Author’s Note: Thanks so much for sending these questions in! They cracked me up, particularly the one for Isaac! I hope you guys enjoy the answers! Sadly, there aren’t any winners this time around, but maybe next time? :D

If you’d like to send in questions of your own, visit the Ask a Character page on my website! :)


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Massive Website Updates, oh my!

Soooooooooooooooooooo…! As the title of this post states, I’ve been extremely busy recently working on updates with my website, and I’m proud to announce that most of these updates are now in effect! So here’s a list of the new things you can find at! :)

Maps of Ithelyon
As promised in a previous post, I was going to upload some maps to my website, and they’re finally available! Of course, these files will end up being updated as the series progresses, not to mention more files will be added, but those provided so far cover all the places we’ve explored to date, including some that will be visited in the upcoming seventh book, Fated Fortunes!

Ask a Character Giveaway
Ever wanted to ask Chandra where she shops? Or know Mathias’ favorite blood type? Here’s your chance! And if the question is creative enough, you may just win a free ebook of choice!

Characters & Terminology
Both of these pages have received updates with new definitions, and even a few hints at what’s to come! Also, if you’d like to enter the giveaway above, but haven’t read any of the books, browse the character list for ideas!

As far as updates are concerned, that’s pretty much it (the rest are all technical issues I’ve gone through and fixed up which you don’t really need to hear about). You can find all of these pages listed here! Hope you guys enjoy, and are having a great week!


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Fated Fortunes Excerpt

Before I share this excerpt with you guys, let me say this; I searched high and low for a good snippet to share, but I swear I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t either give away too much, or just leave you guys in the dark without more context to go by. So, with that said, I’m not just going to share a piece of a chapter. Nope, you guys are getting a chapter in full.

Because of this, I’ve decided to upload a PDF file because formatting the text to post up here is just … whoa, that’s a lot! But here’s a short tidbit to wet your whistle …

      Jada hated how swift Dalris was, particularly considering his large size. He also seemed to remember her ploy thirty years ago, and anticipated her attempt to misdirect him to the front doors when she’d actually decided to run upstairs.
      But despite the difficulties, she managed to disappear from sight and open a portal without interference, quickly entering it to find herself in a cavern lit by moonlight filtering in through a crack in the rock ceiling above.
      Now in Ithelyon, she smiled brightly, storing Morwin’s tome and the portal stone in her pouch before lifting both hands to dust them together and say all in a day’s work—just as her body pitched forward with a large, pissed off draconian at her back …

Click the image below to get the rest! :)


I may be able to make a text post of this excerpt later, but for now, I’m a bit strapped for time. In any case, I really hope you enjoy this tidbit!

Before I go, I needed to note that my website just got a huge revamp! There’s new content coming soon there as well (this blog has a new background now woo hoo!), and additionally, if you’ve been using the contact page on this blog to send me messages, it’s now moved here!

Thanks a lot guys, and hope you have a great week! Cheers!


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2017 Promises Lots of New Things!

I won’t lie, as we’ve gotten further into the year, I’ve realized 2017 is going to bring about a lot of new stuff, at least, as far as my projects in writing are concerned! I have quite a number of plans, and though progress is going slowly at current (we’re struggling financially right now due to a few layoffs with work in our household) it’s coming along, and I thought I might go ahead and share something that’s still largely a work in progress.

What would that be? Why, it’s a map document! In fact, this is the first in a set of three maps I’m planning to release with Fated Fortunes (as I mentioned before, this book is going to really start digging into Ithelyon and some of the world’s lore). This map in specific is of Onoria, which would be the kingdom of elves in The Crucible Series.

With that said, a number of things are subject to change before I release the final version of this document, which is why I’m not offering this for download on my website just yet. It’s also a somewhat large PDF file, but this contains both a flat, bordered map, and a topographical map, not to mention a bit of text describing the region in question. Adobe Acrobat is also needed to view it (or some equivalent program), and with that said, I really hope you guys enjoy! :D


I’d also appreciate feedback if anyone has a moment! Thanks again, and maybe this will tide some of you over while you’re waiting for Fated Fortunes? :)



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Ask Your Favorite Character!


Heeeeeeeeeeey guys! Got something fun here for everyone! You see, I’d been kicking around the idea of doing some character interviews, but I’d never managed to get around to it for two reasons, though one of them is a little bigger than the other–I had no idea what kinds of questions they needed to be asked. Combine that with a lack of time, and whoa … it wasn’t coming along easily.

That’s when I had the thought; why not let readers ask them questions? So that’s precisely what I’m going to do! :)

Would you like to ask Cade why he keeps a beard? Or maybe ask Isaac for dating advice? All characters are available for questioning, so don’t hold back!

Now, with that said, there are just a few caveats!;

1. This is (obviously) for entertainment purposes only!
2. I reserve the right to ignore any question(s) I feel are unacceptable, or may provide “spoilery” information.
3. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like! However, they may not all be answered at once. Depending upon the volume of questions asked, I may have to split them up into sessions!
4. When asking your question,
PLEASE SPECIFY which character is being asked!
5. Have fun! :D

If having a little fun isn’t incentive enough, then I should also add this; I’ll be keeping an eye out for my favorite questions, and offering a free book of choice to the questionnaires via coupon code on Smashwords!

So send those questions in by commenting on this post, or, if you don’t have an account, fill out the form below!

Thanks guys! I hope you have fun! :D


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Strange Brew Paperback Update

So, some of you know about the trouble I’ve been having with KDP’s new paperback option and trying to get my third book, Strange Brew, added to it. But some of you don’t, and instead of simply providing a link to the previous post I made concerning this issue, I’m going to do an entire summary right here because I’ll admit, I’m not entirely certain where to go from here.

So basically, I need help! If anyone’s so inclined to offer suggestions that is.

At the end of November, I started preparing the files for Strange Brew’s paperback to be converted from Createspace and added to KDP. I’d done this with both Blue Moon and Light of Dawn with no troubles; it was a simple matter of providing the ISBN and allowing the program to pull the information for each title through and adding it to KDP and voila! Here’s a nice shiny paperback version!

But when I got to Strange Brew, things weren’t so simple.

I have my books set to a particular trim size and print color for the pages, and naturally, with these books belonging to the same series, I’d like to have some uniformity between the paperbacks; they should all be the same size and have the same page colors. However, when I pulled Strange Brew from Createspace, the size and print color options on KDP didn’t match. The book was a few inches smaller and the print was set to cream paper instead of white.

So why not change the settings, you may ask. Well, KDP doesn’t allow you to once a book has been pulled through from Createspace. All of the print settings on converted books are locked in, meaning I was stuck and had to contact their support teams.

How did that go? I won’t lie; not so well.

The first message I received pretty much ignored my problem altogether. I’d explained that the options were not what Createspace listed for the book, yet this guy suggested, “You can either leave the trim size and paper type as is to match the setting which were pulled through from CreateSpace … ”

Oh, pardon me, because you know, I can’t read the options I picked for my own book and compare them to KDP to see that the actually weren’t pulled through correctly, nor did I actually detail this as being the problem when I emailed you. *Sigh*

So I sent another message, and thankfully, the lady who responded was much more helpful. She escalated the problem and over the course of two weeks (while sending me an update in between), informed me of the progress of fixing the book’s errors. Finally, in the middle of December, I got a message stating that the problems had been fixed, and I should check my account for review and make certain everything was in order.

So I did, but only half the problem had been corrected.

The book was now set to the proper size, yet the page color was still set to cream instead of white. Trust me, at this point, my hair was lying on the floor because I’d pulled it all out.

Before I continue with this huge mess of a problem, allow me to note that the biggest problem with these emails is there’s no option to reply directly to the support member who’d been working on the case. The only option you have is to report on how they did (an option I haven’t taken yet because I’ve been so frustrated with this whole thing and also, the holidays were around, leaving me with little time to properly articulate a review).

So I ignored that option, and finally sent another inquiry stating that only half the problem had been fixed. What response did I get?

This; “Regarding the email you’ve sent us I did some research and asked our technical team and unfortunately that option cannot be changed since it is locked. The option I can offer you if you really would like to change the paper color is to re-publish your paperback again with a new KDP free ISBN. And after you do it you can let us know so we can link the reviews from the old paperback to the new one, so you still will keep the reviews.”


So, a couple questions here;

A. If the options are locked and you’re unable to change them, then how, oh how, did the previous tech support member manage to change the book’s trim size, which was also locked?

B. Again, I can’t reply directly to this guy, so even if I wanted to republish and keep my reviews, how the hell would I do that?

At this point, I’m so fed up with the run around that I’m contemplating doing one of three things;

1. I leave Strange Brew on Createspace, which means keeping it at $17.00 instead of bringing it down to a much more reasonable $13.99.

2. I sacrifice uniformity and bring it through to KDP with cream colored paper and knock the price down.

3. I unpublish the book, lose the reviews I’ve accumulated (at this point, I don’t trust KDP’s support teams to properly link the reviews), and put the paperback on KDP with the proper size and print settings and at a lower price.

4. I submit a new ticket pointing out how the paperback’s trim size was locked and changed, so the print color shouldn’t be beyond their control to edit either.

5. I take all my books off of KDP and spite them by getting traditionally published.

#5 is the extreme, impractical option obviously lol! :)

Anyway, option #3 might be the best bet. Strange Brew has only accumulated 4 reviews on Amazon overall, so it’s not as if I’d be axing a huge number. Yet even those 4 reviews are helpful in getting my book the type of promotion it needs if anyone’s going to see it (although I’ll admit, it’s nowhere near enough to get Amazon’s algorithms to suggest the book to readers in searches) and I’m reluctant to axe what my readers have said about my book.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now (among numerous other things I haven’t updated and need to but just haven’t quite found the time for it yet). So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I’d be glad to entertain them! Thanks so much!


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