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For the “Designing Author” – Font Squirrel Might be of Use!

I consider myself a designer in my spare time.  (I used to make layouts for websites, blogs, and even album covers, oh my!  Example?  This page’s background.)  Most of the designs I’ve made have been non-commercial, so when I started designing a book cover for an upcoming title, I realized one very important and immutable truth.

I had no commercial free fonts!  (That is, fonts which can be used on commercial products for, well, free.)  Because I’m a big stickler about copyright and not infringing on the property of others, I had to search around for a font I not only liked that set the tone of the material I was using it to represent, but also something that was free for download since I am, at current, heavily broke.

Well, as luck has it, I managed to find a very useful link to a site that offers nothing but commercial free fonts, some of which you do have to buy, but also many that are free to download and use at your discretion.

Maybe some of you have heard of it.  If so, you don’t need to read this post.  (I probably should have warned about that earlier!)  But for those of you who haven’t, and are in the process of finding the hardest surface you can to bang your head upon, try this out.

Font Squirrel

Look their wares over and you may just find something you can use in your struggles to create an eye catching book cover (or whatever else you may be working on)!  Here’s to hoping it comes in handy, and cheers!

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