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It’s Been a Long Time Coming!

I’ve been working on a number of projects lately, most notably with writing.  I’ve long had ideas kicking around, and finally been putting them onto “paper”–or a computer screen anyway!

The name of this project is The Crucible, which is planned to be a series of paranormal romances about the supernatural world in contemporary settings.  I still haven’t made a page here dedicated to it (which I’ll have up soon), but in short, the first book, Blue Moon, is maybe 75% wrapped up.

A synopsis of the story in 200 words or less?

When betrayed by his Alpha, Cade Hodgins takes the role in leading the Arkin City pack of Lupines, and begins searching for those responsible for his father’s death to bring them to justice.  But information is hard to come by, that is, until a stray Lupine wanders into his territory.

But Ashley Passmore is no ordinary stray.  She’s a newborn wolf, turned from being a human with no prior knowledge that Lupines existed.  Due to her blackouts, she can’t recall who turned her or why, but Cade suspects her attackers may be the same as those who killed his father.

In the meantime, Ashley needs help coping with her new instincts and primal urges in regaining control of her life.  Cade offers a hand, and all too soon, Ashley is sparking his own primal instincts, coming to realize that she’s his lifelong mate.

As the two are struggling with their natures and the heavily growing attraction between them, the Lupines who turned Ashley return for retribution against her, threatening the safety of Cade’s pack, and Ashley’s bid to join them.

Let me just say it’s been a fun writing project to tackle!  I don’t have a precise date for publishing, but you can expect to see this title available at the end of the year at least!  I’m going to make an excerpt of it available soon, as well as post a few other tidbits up about it, so stay tuned!

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