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Excerpt from “Blue Moon”

So, I’ve been promising to post up an excerpt from my upcoming paranormal romance entitled “Blue Moon”, and finally, I’m delivering something! (You think I slacked on this, you should’ve seen me with studying in school!).

It’s taken me a while–mostly–because I haven’t been quite sure which excerpt would be the best to post in particular. But inevitably, I decided on something simple, which I’ll let you read on your own. Before I get started though, if you need more information on The Crucible before you read this, there’s your link, and a synopsis of Blue Moon can be found here!

Also, this is an excerpt from a story that’s still in progress, and may be subject to change! But I hope you guys enjoy this short tidbit nonetheless!

Sleep was fleeting that night.

Cade dozed on his couch, thinking about the events of the evening and Ashley’s outburst. He kept having bad dreams of his father’s murder as well, waking up on and off before finally getting up in frustration.

Sitting there quietly, pushing his fingers through his hair, Cade decided to get up and get something to drink so that maybe the activity would clear his head. As he stood and walked to the kitchen, he heard a thud coming from upstairs.

It was a little past five thirty, and Cade looked up in curiosity over what the sound could have been. Without pause, he turned to go up to Ashley’s room because that was where it came from. He made it to the top of the steps, and that was when he saw the door to her room swinging open hard.

Ashley tore out of it and down the hallway, coming to such an abrupt stop when she saw him ahead of her that she slid across the floor and fell right on her ass, letting a startled cry.

Cade could see the wild look in her eyes and smell the fear coming off of her. He had no idea what might have triggered this episode in specific, but he knew he had to stop her. She looked like she was about to bound off in the opposite direction, and who knew what kind of damage she might do—both to herself and his home.

He moved in behind her as she tried to escape him, dropping to his knees and grasping her wrist to pull her in. Ashley screamed in response and struggled with him, but Cade was up for the challenge.


Ashley! It’s just me!”

She continued to struggle despite his attempts to get through to her, and he could tell that she was scared to death—but she wasn’t close to changing. Her scent was still more human than animal unlike it’d been in Blue Moon when she’d snapped.

Still, Cade jerked her around to the side when she tried to swing at him, managing to grab her wrist before she could land a blow. He then reached around her for the other as she clasped her fingers against the hand he was holding onto her arm with.

When she jerked against him again, letting another yell, he sat back and drew her up quickly, latching his arms tightly around her while letting a menacing warning growl. Cade knew the sound would appeal to the instinct that she’d kicked into more than spoken words would, and surely enough, Ashley finally grew still, panting harshly.

Cade made no movements so he wouldn’t startle her, and stopped growling when she finally became docile. Quietly, he held her close, listening to her breathing carefully. Her heart rate had to be going through the roof.

Breathe slow, Ashley, you’re gonna make yourself change if you keep goin’ like that.”

To help, he raised a hand after clasping both of her wrists together in front of her stomach with one of his, slowly stroking his fingers along her jaw, pushing some hair out of her face. Tactile contact would help as well, and Cade felt her flinch, but that was the extent of it. So he continued letting his fingers sweep up and down her throat a few times, feeling her racing pulse and shushing her softly.

Finally, she started relaxing against him more. “That’s it,” he urged, “you’re safe here, sweetheart.”

Cade could only guess that she’d had a bad dream, specifically when he caught sight of her vacant expression. Nightmares weren’t uncommon with newborns if their change hadn’t been a pleasant one, and somehow it felt natural to try to comfort her in this way.

Talk to me, Ash. What’s wrong?” He turned with her slowly, coming to sit against the wall, and pulled her into his lap where he let his fingers continue to smooth along her arm.

Ashley was silent for a few more moments while her breathing calmed down, but seemed to realize where she was and who she was with when she reached her hands up to wrap around his upper arm. With her face still pointed away from him, she laid her cheek against his shoulder quietly.

Cade could feel her trembling, but he was glad she was starting to get a hold of herself again, smoothing out her hair with idle, mindless strokes. Then she whispered a line so softly that he almost didn’t hear it.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know where I was.”

He watched her leaning there against him, thinking again about the fights, and how he’d hated the ones involved in such an atrocious practice even before Henry was murdered. But seeing how scared and helpless Ashley was now, he completely loathed them.

You’re okay. I’ve got you now.”

Cade wanted to protect her from suffering this way to top it off, comfort her whenever she needed it, and that was something he hadn’t even done with previous girlfriends. Damned if he could ignore it though.

He could play it off as nothing more than the relation of her situation to his father’s death catalyzing the urge, but his instincts knew better.

Cade refused to acknowledge them for the time being though. Instead, he moved to adjust her across his lap, and noticed Ashley turning her head away from him in shame. In response, he lifted a hand to her cheek to make her look back.

Look at me, Ash. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

Ashley stared at him for a moment, letting him wipe away the tears she’d silently cried with his thumbs. She shook her head once he was done, saying, “I can’t help it. I don’t know how much more I can handle.”

Cade looked her face over, admitting what he really thought about her strength. “Nah, you’re a tough girl.”

She suddenly pursed her lips, trying to fight a smile, but she ended up snorting when he grinned.

How do you know?”

You’ve come this far, haven’t you?”

With a sniffle, Ashley cast her gaze back at him, saying, “I don’t know how strong that means I am, but I’ll believe you.” Then she sighed, “I’ve had bad dreams before now, and they’re upsetting. I just don’t know what to think. I keep wondering why I’m even trying.”

Don’t talk like that. You’ll get there,” Cade promised her, and he realized his voice sounded more commanding than he’d meant it to, as if he wanted her to get there more than he’d thought.

In order to try to hide that, he added, “It’ll just take some time. Trust me.”

She let out a sigh while Cade looked her over. Damn it all. He knew how fast Lupines could fixate on one another, which was sometimes only a matter of days, and and he was already losing the battle in lying to himself over how interested he was.

Being this close to her wasn’t helping either. Even now when she was so vulnerable, he wasn’t oblivious to how she was dressed in a flimsy tank top and white panties, but he’d been fighting not to stare at her.

He was going to get himself into trouble, he just knew it.

I’m just tired,” Ashley excused softly, interrupting his thoughts, then looked up at him, ready to say more.

But when her eyes met his, Cade froze. He held her gaze, the urge to kiss her growing stronger with each second, and he could see her breath hitching as if she was of the same mind. Just don’t move.

Then the tables turned unexpectedly, and she leaned up to kiss him.

That movement snapped his own resolve, and Cade reciprocated immediately, pressing his lips back into hers firmly while she clutched his sides tightly in her small hands. The sensation drew a wave of heat through him, one that had him slipping his palms up her back, tightening his grip around her.

It was a simple kiss, but her scent coupled with how soft she felt all over made it fervent, and Cade realized he was going to have a hard time letting her go. He needed to latch onto her, needed to deepen their contact and find out the way she tasted, run his hands over her body to learn how she was shaped.

When the urge struck him, he forced himself to grab her upper arms and push her back—and it felt like one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do.

Denying this instinct just wasn’t something a Lupine did.

Trouble? I’m heading there with a one way ticket.

Ashley couldn’t latch onto a single thought in her head as she found herself kissing Cade, and it felt better than she’d imagined.

She shuddered when he swept his hands up her back and tightened his hold, everything spinning around her. Ashley lost herself almost completely against him—until she felt Cade’s hands taking her upper arms, his body going tense.

Then he pushed her back, and the moment he did, reality struck her with the force of a freight train. What did I just do!?

I’m sorry!” she rushed out on a raspy voice, staring at him with her cheeks on fire.

As she chastised herself for not having better control, Cade responded on a gruff voice, “Don’t apologize, Ash, it’s not your fault.”

Ashley wanted argue with that verdict, but something distracted her. When she’d looked down, she noticed what she was wearing—or the lack of it anyway. Could I even be anymore oblivious?

Close your eyes and let me up!”

Cade lifted a brow in confusion over the sudden command. “Close my eyes?”

I’m not wearin’ any pants!”

He suddenly grinned, and when she saw it, she returned a narrow glare. Irritatingly enough, Cade only chuckled and asked her, “You’re not embarrassed about it, are you?”

Yes! Especially in front of you.”

Me?” He still hadn’t let her up.

Yeah, you! You’re my boss and the guy I’m staying with! It’s not right for you to see me in my bloomers.”

He couldn’t help it when his chest started vibrating with a soft laugh, but he did like she asked and let her go. Without question, Ashley bounded off of his lap and headed for her bedroom.

“Blue Moon” will be available soon!

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    1. Agreed! Especially when it’s a longer novel. I was looking for a part that was “eye catching” and would also be easy for readers to understand without having too much knowledge on prior events to the scene, so it was definitely a tough decision!

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