It’s the End of the World as We Know It

. . . and I feel fine!

Some may be under the impression that this is referring to the guesstimated “December 21st Apocalypse” set to take place in less than two month’s time, and if you are, then shame on you! Don’t you know that I never buy into that stuff!? Unless it’s in a well written fiction, then I could totally see it as being plausible, but I digress.

I’m more so referring to my blog’s new design, and while I’m not entirely certain I like the dark color scheme, for now, I’m pretty happy with it and it’s going to stay this way for at least a bit (which you could translate to meaning “it’s staying this way for laziness’s sakes). But why, you may ask, does this mean it’s the end of the world?

Well, I haven’t designed anything in so long, I suddenly find myself wondering where the fire under my ass came from. I almost thought it was December 21st already . . .

But on the topic of “the end of the world”, which is such a depressing concept, well, depending on the kind of apocalypse you’re considering anyway, I was having a few thoughts earlier than I’ve decided to so graciously share here, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure no one really cares too much. Or, maybe you do. I’ll just pretend the latter is the case.

I’m not overly certain what the general consensus is among the likelihood of the upcoming date being apocalyptic. I’m unsure how many people are making plans to bunker down in a shelter if they’re lucky enough to have one, or how many think it’s a load of horse hockey big enough to cause even those who believe pop rocks and soda is a lethal combination to roll their eyes and laugh. (And no, pop rocks and soda makes a tasty snack, I’ve done it before, and I haven’t felt any urges to spontaneously combust. Well, not because of that anyway.)

But regardless of whether or not the winter solstice gets here and our planet aligns with the center of the galaxy to cause some unforeseen world-ending event to occur, or the magnetic poles shift, or if we even decided to go out that night and get hammered so hard that when the sun actually rises the next day, we wish the world had ended, I think this whole thing goes to show how much imagination runs rampant throughout the human race.

I don’t believe anyone is without it. I do, however, think that some people have trouble distinguishing their imagined possibilities from their realistic facts, and then fall prey to the dreads of ‘what if’s’ crawling around everywhere.

Maybe it’s a moot point, but it seems like a feasible way to prove that even those who claim they have no creative skills whatsoever, but then hear of something such as the world ending on December 21st and “wondered what might happen”, have more imagination than they’re giving themselves credit for.

Anyway! This post is brought to you by the wonderful whims of absolutely nothing! Why? Because doing things for absolutely no reason from time to time is a good way to remind yourself of the importance of doing other things that have more meaning! So comment on your thoughts, or your general opinion behind my blog’s new layout anyway if you feel the need!

Take care!

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