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Long Time No Update!

So, we’ve survived the apocalypse!  I mean, not that there was much doubt, but digressing…

This is mostly just a short post about my own work, namely being Blue Moon which has come a long way since I opened this blog and decided to keep notes on it here.  I’ve never really expounded much on the topic of this story, though I have posted a synopsis and a work in progress excerpt.  So I thought I should make a short update.

Am I finished writing it?  Oh no, not really.  But all scenes are written out now, whether in rough draft form, or final edit.  Currently I’m pruning the more unneeded scenes in the story (which can be ever so hard when you put so much effort into them to begin with!), so I think I’m coming along on schedule.

But this isn’t going to be a long involved topic on the project, just more or less a note to say:  I’ll be putting up another excerpt soon and posting more information on the story in general.  Oh, also, the book cover!

If anyone has any questions about this story, check out my posts on it located here, or just leave a comment and ask!  :)

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