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A Milestone

I never thought I would feel so emotional when putting the final touches on a book before I started doing the last read through of my first completed original story, but here I am.

Earlier tonight, I managed to complete Blue Moon, at least, in final draft mode. Now, I know, you’re not supposed to edit a final draft, but I want to read through it before I pass the “this is 100% completed” judgement. So I’ll just say it’s 99% good to go.

Everything else aside, I’m not exactly sure how to describe my feelings, but I wanted to share them. I almost felt a little corny getting so emotional, but I have many reasons for it. Firstly, I started writing Blue Moon in 2009 before shelving it for three years and coming back in July of 2012 with the determination to actually complete it and get this whole series going.

After spending so much time so diligently getting the story together, I’m almost sad to say “Hey, this process is completed, it’s time to give you a send off.”

Another reason is that I’ve wanted this since I was a child. Not publishing a romance story specifically, but merely a story in general. So getting the manuscript done (the final draft is panning out at about 100k words) is a feat in itself.

It’s proof that I can do this. While it may not be the best story in the world, it’s meaningful to me, and regardless of whether or not it’s “New York Time’s Best Seller” material, or just something someone might enjoy on a rainy day, it’s what I’ve needed.

I’m just glad I can share it.

2 thoughts on “A Milestone

    1. Thanks so much! Sometimes I can be the queen of corn (I’m a bit socially awkward!) but you’re right, and I realized it when I had the thought that I was being emotional for no reason. Finishing a story is a pretty big deal, especially when it’s your first one. I’ve written fan fictions before that I’ve completed, and done long articles/essays, but I’ve only ever finished an original story once, and I was so young that I didn’t know that I would need to edit or rewrite, so I wouldn’t call that a legitimate “finish”.

      Anyway, I’m rambling! Thanks again! :)

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