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Bad Week – An Informal Thank You

So as I try to finish formatting so I can publish my first story, I’m sure some of you noticed I took a hiatus last week. I’m not completely in the mindset to go into detail about it, but I’ll just say there was a death in my family and it’s shaken the foundation of things in my life. I’m steadily recovering from it, but to top the bad news off, I’ve been afflicted with something that I apparently can’t get rid of, meaning a doctor’s visit is in my near future. Yuck.

But I wanted to make a post entailing some of these things because I thought it was important to keep some kind of update going on, specifically when Blue Moon is on the verge of being published as I write this.

The one bright spot in my life right now are the friends who’ve surrounded me to offer support in my time of need. So I wanted to thank them all for their selflessness and say that I wish I could do more than passing my gratitude along verbally, but I mean every word of it.

The other thing I’ve realized is that writing is a solid positive for me. Whether I write gold or just so-so, the activity is something I still enjoy doing, and I’m not giving up on it. In fact, I may end up writing even more after what’s happened this past, life changing week, and so here’s to hoping for many entertaining reads in the future.

Cheers everyone, and take care of yourselves!

On a side note, expect to see a post announcing Blue Moon’s publication soon!

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