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The Future!

So, while I haven’t completely gotten everything on this blog in perfect condition, I’ve made some improvements–at least, aesthetically anyway–and besides that, I’m making plans for other things to be added (sadly, you can’t get all of this done in one night!).
But I thought, since I’ve published Blue Moon and it’s been out for about a week now, I’d make a short post entailing my plans for future books in the series, not really as a “Hey guys, here’s what to expect!” thing, but more a “I’m eager to start working on more!” thing.
I already have some of the second book written out, though most of it is old, rough draft material I wrote down just to get my juices flowing. The most I’ll say about it right now is that it’s going to take place not long after Blue Moon ends, and I’m really excited about the ideas I have for it. I’ve made a very general layout for this series after all, and while I couldn’t give concrete details even if asked to, I have good vibes! It should be a lot of fun to work on, if not even more so than Blue Moon was! :D
But there’s a lot of research to do before I can get started working on it, not to mention I’m still promoting Blue Moon, so it’ll be a while yet.
In the meantime, I have a lot of life changes I’ve been dealing with lately, so now is a good time for me to get all of that other stuff done before I attempt to say more on the matter. Just wanted to make an update over here, however short, to say that yes, I’m still kickin’, and I’m feeling positive about the future despite recent tragic events in my family.
Here’s hoping I can make things fall through and that what’s happened won’t drag me or anyone else I know and love down into the dirt.
With that said, let’s mush on!

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