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The Taste of Success

I’ve always heard it told that success comes in three steps, specifically for Indie Authors. These steps are put simply, though the actual activity may be a little more complicated.
They are: Write, Publish, and Market.
This is straightforward enough, right? You have to write a book in order to publish it, and the marketing, well, that can come at any time. But if you follow these three simple steps and the little subcategories they include (such as editing or opening a blog, etc.), you’ll have your success handed to you on a silver platter.
But what if I said it’s actually more simple than that? I mean, if writing is something you enjoy doing anyway, which happens to be the case for me. What if attaining success doesn’t have to be those three steps?
Let me explain what I mean.
I felt accomplished the moment I published my book. There were no sales, no reviews, no discussions (still aren’t on that one either!), but I felt successful in achieving something I’d set out to do so long ago. I’d published a book, finished a book, which isn’t something just anyone finds it easy to do. It may not have gotten a contract with a publishing house, or be the most glorious book, and the story may be pretty standard along the lines of what it’s meant for, but damn it, I finished it, and I published it.
Anything good following those facts merely seems like an added bonus–nice to have, but not necessarily needed to make me feel as if I’ve been successful.
Maybe I’ve said this before, but writing, for me, has never been about the money, it’s never been about the fame. I want to write the best story I can because it’s something I love to do, it’s a wonderful experience even during the most trying of times, and I want to share it when I’m done.
Success is had when you complete your book and look at all of the pages you’ve laced together and say, “This is finished, I can do no more.” Success comes when, if it’s what you want, you publish the book. Success comes when someone says, “I really enjoyed this,” or, “I can’t wait to read it!”
With this being said, I think I’ve been successful, and so is any other author who’s heard and done the same thing.
So now it’s time for me to start working on the second book of The Crucible (the title of which is still TBA), and say cheers to anyone else who’s working on their own projects!
Let’s keep this ball rolling!

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