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Silently Planning

I think I owe everyone a huge apology for my recent silence. If life comes atcha fast, then consider mine an 18 wheeler that just bowled me over.
But fear not, mortals! Though silent I may be, never am I dormant! Well, something like that. Okay, I’ll get to the point . . .
I’ve been making a few plans recently, and have fully started work on my second book, I simply haven’t found much time to post about it here sadly. While that should be changing once a few things in my life settle, I thought to update everyone so that it would be obvious that no, I haven’t disappeared, and also give you something to look forward to.
One of those changes would be my own website. This is going to take a little doing as I haven’t coded or designed a website in forever, but I’m confident in the fact that it’s just like riding a bike.
Until then, I bid you all a vast amount of cheers! :D

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