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Writing, Websites, and Titles

I want to apologize for my recent lack of activity, though it does seem like I do that pretty often here recently with everything going on not long after the new year started. But in any case, here I am with another update on writing, websites, and the actual title for the second book of The Crucible series!
As far as web sites go, it may be a while yet before I actually manage to open my own domain, and this is due to my being picky about the website layout. While I do have one that’s working and ready to go, something about it was bugging me, and because I’m just a general design whore, I decided to put it off for a little while longer to work on an alternate layout and see if perhaps I couldn’t come up with something else that better fit my pallet.
But during this process, I finally redid my banner here using elements I’d created for the design, so there’s something new and a little different!
Now! When it comes to writing, I’ve been on a good roll, not only with my current story, but also other facets of my “universe” which I’ve been trying to hammer out here and there for general feasibility. But there is something coming up that doesn’t happen to me everyday which should be going down sometime in the near-ish future.
A friend of mine is commissioning gift arts from someone, and she asked me if I could give her a good description of what Cade and Ashley from Blue Moon look like. She’d read my story, but couldn’t remember specifics, and I asked why she wanted to know. Come to find out, she wants one of the gift arts to be of them for me, which sounds really cool!
So I’ll be posting that up when she gets around to commissioning the artist! Saying some unforeseen event doesn’t pop up and prevent it from happening anyway, but the thought is what counts in any case! :)
The last update I have draws me back to my previous post where I announced a working title for the second book of The Crucible series. I’d mentioned that it would come out to be something completely different in the end from what I’d announced, and as fate would have it, that’s exactly what’s happened.
The humorous thing is that many of the stories I’ve planned to write have titles already, but the second book was always the one that escaped me–until yesterday morning early when it just popped into my head. It was so sudden that I kind of went “duh!” and sighed.
So though there’s no planned date for it’s release yet, I can at least tell you that book two, Light of Dawn, will be coming around to join Blue Moon in good time! I can’t say too much about the story just yet when it’s not even halfway completed, but I can say that the title is fitting of the plot material! :)
Hope you guys are having an awesome day! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Writing, Websites, and Titles

  1. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for following my blog FantasyFic. Paranormal romance is a fascinating sub-genre. I’ll have to have a look at Blue Moon on Kindle.

    I also love series, rather than stand-alone novels. I am currently working on two series, actually three, but the third is on the sidelines.

    As an amusing aside, when I was doing one of the book signings for my hard-print version of Witchcanery, I noticed one girl reading the back cover, the inside blurb, and leafing through the book. Then she came over to me and told me, “I’ll buy your book, but only if you promise me you’ll write a sequel.” Of course, I had to promise. So that sequel is in the works too, but I’ll likely expand it into a trilogy.

    Anyhow, cheerio, and good luck with your second novel. I like your titles, btw. Light enough to promise romance, yet intriguing enough to hint at paranormal.

    1. Hi! You’re very welcome for the follow! I had to when I stumbled across your blog because I love the fantasy stuff. Worlds that have those elements of creation to them are intriguing, and a lot of fun to work with and read about!

      I also love series because you can go so many places, and particularly in romance (for me anyway) I’m always sad to have to say goodbye to a great couple at the end of a book. In series though, it doesn’t have to be the last time you see them, even if they’re not the main focus of future stories. So I agree!

      That’s awesome about the book signing by the way, and I bet it felt fulfilling for someone to ask for a sequel! I only have The Crucible in the works currently as it’s been more than enough to keep me busy between that and work–it’s a full time gig! But I may tackle some other projects on down the line if I get the time too. I’ll have to check out Witchcanery when I get the chance as well!

      And thank you so much! I’m really glad my titles are pleasing because I’m usually worried they’ll come off as being cheesy! :D But good luck with your trilogy! Here’s hoping it gets more sequel requests! ;)

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