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New Pages and Light of Dawn Book Cover

I’ve been on and off of wordpress for a while now, making adjustments to my pages. I’m not quite done yet, but I’m getting there, and I’ve added a new one–the Books page! Not that it’s anything you guys haven’t seen before, just a place for me to list my stories as they come up, but hey, it needed to be done, and now I’ve done it!

The other thing I’ve been doing all day long is working on Light of Dawn–not just the story, mind you, but the book cover as well (which might I say is coming along swimmingly, though with too many options for me to easily make up my mind about it). So while I was on that topic, I thought I’d mention something for authors (specifically of romance–sorry everyone else!) who have trouble making book covers for their stories.

I haven’t actually purchased any stock images from here yet, but has a good variety of stock photography, and here’s the best part of all: They’re cheap. A 1000 pixel images is typically 10 bucks, and 3000? A mere 5 dollars more. Definitely not a bad bargain.

Like I said, however, I haven’t actually purchased anything from them. I’m somewhat on the fence about romance novels with couples on the covers (this meaning my own books, not other people’s–somehow I’m just not sure they’re completely fitting for my works), though I may just do it for Light of Dawn. Note the keyword there being may!

Still! There’s a resource for you indie authors out there who like to make your own covers. Or, if you don’t do design, they also have premade covers for purchase! Not to mention background and prop images! Like I said, it’s a pretty keen place!

Please note as an extra legal aside that I’m not in anyway affiliated with that website. I just want to share what I know! :D


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