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I finally edited my “About” page last night to include a few more recent updates, as well as to thank everyone who’s supported me. I’m extremely grateful for the belief my friends have shown in me, and their words of encouragement in accomplishing my goals. Not to mention, now that Blue Moon’s been out for a few months (it really doesn’t seem like that long!), I’ve gotten a handful of reviews, and on the whole, they’ve been positive, which is very humbling to me when the most that I hope for is to write a story that’s entertaining to anyone who decides to read it. So hearing that people have enjoyed it is incredibly fulfilling, and you all have my endless thanks!

I also needed to make an update now that I’ll be putting up a synopsis of Light of Dawn sometime soon, though one that, of course, will be subject to change the further along in the project I get, just as Blue Moon’s was. I don’t have any plans for a release of this story yet when it’s still in the early stages of being written, but no worries! You can trust that it will be along in due time! :)

As for general direction, the next book won’t see much of the Hodgins’ family or the Arkin City pack. I’d already made a post revealing Ulric to be the protagonist, though that definitely doesn’t mean we won’t be returning to Arkin City again! It just seemed like a good idea to expand on the world in general, so I wanted to tackle a story that takes us to other places instead. With that said, you can expect to see more about the draconians, and also more about vampires coming down the line with a few other things added to the mix!

Again, feel free to leave a comment, and I hope everyone’s been doing some happy reading and enjoying these nice Spring days we’ve been having (I am!) and I’ll be seeing you guys in the next post!

Cheers! :D

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