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Light of Dawn Synopsis

Though it still seems a bit early to really reveal too many details of this story, I’d promised to put a synopsis up relatively soon, and because I (strangely enough) didn’t have half as much trouble writing this (somewhat general) synopsis out as I did the one for Blue Moon, I thought to myself, “Why the hell not?”

In any case, here’s a blurb in 200 words or less!

Hired to find a curse box, the draconian mercenary, Ulric Dra’Kai, is directed to seek out the human Charlotte Mulligan who’ll lead him to his ultimate goal. Expecting to get information from her with ease, Ulric instead meets a determined mortal who refuses to be intimidated—and draws him in like no other.

As that attraction grows, he comes to believe Charlotte may be his destined mate, but there’s a problem—he’s immortal, making that impossible. Answers could possibly lie in the dormant supernatural side of Charlotte’s lineage, but getting them proves difficult when vampires are out for her blood.

Charlotte thought she was an ordinary human living an average life until receiving an odd package in the mail containing a unique trinket box. Soon after, she’s attacked by vampires and swept up in a hunt by a dangerous but attractive stranger who not only reveals the truth of the supernatural world, but also informs her that she’s a part of it.

Trying to survive while her life is coming apart, a passion for the draconian protecting her sparks to life, one she has to guard her heart against when being mortal makes a union between them difficult, if not impossible.

So there it is, the truth revealed! At least in a partial, vague, nondescript manner that may or may not be subject to change, hah! On a side note, I think I’m going to make a post soon about character creation just because I haven’t actually written a general article in a while.

Anyway, thanks again to all my readers for the support! You guys are more awesome than you know! Or . . . maybe you do know, but reminders never hurt, right!? :D


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