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Blue Moon in Paper Back?

I just wanted to make a quick post here because one of my friends asked me the other day if I had any plans to put Blue Moon in paper back, and I realized I hadn’t really made any posts about it. So, here’s the answer for anyone who’s interested.

Yes, I am planning on putting it out in paper back. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I was hoping to be able to release it with an excerpt from Light of Dawn included. But I haven’t actually been able to edit enough of that story in a presentable manner yet, at least, not as far as grammar checking goes and so on.

So I may just put it in paper back without the inclusion of any excerpts. If you’d really like me to wait until I have something ready, however, feel free to let me know, either here, or through email.

Thanks again everyone! You’re super awesome! Cheers! :D

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