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Proofing and Soda

So, I have a story to tell all you lovely people.

As you know, I’ve been proofing paperbacks of Blue Moon. This process hasn’t been completed yet, and I had my second copy sitting on my computer desk while I was working one sunny summer day. I’d stored it there for the time being until I could get off work and put it away, or get back to reading it, whichever came first.

While working, I grabbed my soda for a refreshing sip of carbonated goodness, and as I went to settle the bottle back down, lo and behold, gravity decided I was it’s number one enemy.

After I released the bottle, it tipped to the side–right in the direction of my book.

As you can imagine, time slowed down. Epic music began to play from a speaker in the sky as I exclaimed, “Nooo!” and snatched the bottle before it could do any damage to the vulnerable paper from which the book was constructed.

Which is just a long way of saying I stopped it from falling over. Anyway!

Though I’d prevented disaster, I learned a very valuable lesson that day, one I’ll now pass on to all of my followers–gravity and liquid are oft known to be allied. If gravity has considered you its enemy, liquid will do all it can in order to make sure it is successful in its endeavors.

Liquid succeeded where gravity could not. The moment my hand was on the bottle, soda spewed forth like a volcano erupting, the dark soda splattering down onto the cover of my book.

I immediately reacted, thankful I had a towel nearby, which I wrapped around the book in order to soak up the liquid as gently as possible–all while cursing my soda bottle and gravity. Not to mention the fact that I’d never had too many spills on my desk before, but of course, the moment my book was sitting there, it would all go downhill.

But fear not, for this story is no tragedy! I put the book in a place where it could dry, and came back after several hours. Apparently, this was all a test to the book’s physical durability because when I came back, the book was fine.

Oh, there’s some physical evidence of the 2013 soda battle–I know, it’s a corny joke–but it’s minimal. The cover had wiped clean with ease, and none of the pages effected by the eruption of soda (which included the title, copyright, and preface pages) were either torn, nor the words smudged. There was some wrinkling on the title page, but that, aside from some stains on the side of the book’s pages, was the extent of the damage.

Apparently, createspace makes some durable literature!

Just thought I would share this because of how well the book actually does look after I spilled soda all over it (and everyone knows I can’t go for long without having an accident of SOME type) and while I’m not quite done proofing the book, I’m still working on getting it available!

Cheers! :D

2 thoughts on “Proofing and Soda

  1. I like to read when I’m eating and i seem to like to when I’m eating spaghetti. Most of my books have pages with small splashes of spaghetti sauce. It’s terrible, i know, but i just want to read all the time!

    1. I have a Kindle, as well as the computer app, so most of my books these days are all electronic. That’s probably why I spilled soda all over my physical one, I’m not used to handling them anymore! In any case, spaghetti is a mess anyway! I swear I can’t eat it without needing a bib LOL! :D

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