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Light of Dawn Editing

So, as a “progress report”, I wanted to make a post about my work on Light of Dawn so far, especially because I haven’t mentioned much of it lately outside of a synopsis.

The actual manuscript and all basic scenes are finally done now, though definitely not in the final draft mode. There’s a good bit of work that needs to be completed on the second half of the story in specific (this is my hammering-out-the-kinks-phase) but it’s coming along, and I’m having a lot of fun! Getting to explore more of the “world” in this story has been enjoyable, and at times, challenging. But, if it wasn’t challenging, why do it, right?

I’ve also learned some very important information during the editing process! (Putting this under a read more just in case any readers out there don’t really care to be “spoiled” by anything, not that I think this is spoilery).

As the synopsis states, this story follows Ulric and his hunt for the curse box. Maybe the only spoilerish part about actually telling this little story is revealing that Isaac, the demon from the end of Blue Moon, also has a part in the second book. But he does, and sadly, editing had me cutting one of his jokes.

So here’s a bit of information for all you writers out there! If the time period is before 1957, you can’t, in a historically accurate sense, use the phrase “mouth-to-mouth”. Apparently, that wasn’t coined until 1956, and the military didn’t begin using it as a means of resuscitation until 1957. (Unless my sources are incorrect, and if so, please feel free to correct me!)

In any case, I’d written Isaac ‘threatening’ to use “mouth-to-mouth” on Ulric, who’s out of it in the scene, if he doesn’t say something. Sadly, this was a scene that took place before the time period mentioned above, so I had to axe it.

That’s one of the sadder things a writer has to do in a story. We all scowl when we realize some action or dialogue we personally liked doesn’t fit or isn’t historically accurate, and I’m a Virgo, so I’m always trying to be meticulous with my facts. Sigh!

In any case, I’d promised an excerpt, and I’m still deciding on what would be best to post, but it’s in the works! I’ll get something up as soon as I can decide, and hopefully you guys aren’t too disenchanted by me dragging my feet in the meantime!

Cheers! :D

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