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A Quick Update

I wanted to apologize for getting so quiet around here! I’d made some posts about getting Blue Moon out in paperback, then posted up an excerpt from Light of Dawn, and kind of went MIA afterward. Sadly, the messy truth is that my personal life is going through some pretty big upheavals right now, making it hard to focus on certain things.

So I’ve kind of been forced into letting blog updates go for just a while so that Light of Dawn still gets as much attention as I can possibly give it. I want it to get done sooner rather than later after all without compromising any of part of the story. But the changes going on have somewhat sapped my energy, and I don’t feel as capable of “spreading myself out” as I normally do. So I figured letting go of making constant updates here (which I’ve been a little inconsistent at doing anyway) would help me to give more time to the writing project itself, and that’s why I’ve been so silent.

I’ve also decided to delay putting Blue Moon out in paperback until some things settle in my personal life. So we won’t be seeing that for a little while longer when I don’t feel as if I can actually focus on the process without overlooking something that I shouldn’t.

I’m going to try to get Light of Dawn out by the end of the year. Much of the story is in final draft mode, though it might take just a little longer than that. Still, I am going to post the cover up pretty soon, which only needs a few tweaks here and there that I can probably accomplish in about 30 minutes when I put my mind to it! :) So be on the lookout!

Once again, thanks everyone for your support! It means so very much!

Cheers! :D

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