Liebster Award

I was nominated by mrsgillies of readingforthemasses for the Liebster Award! How awesome! And thank you so much, mrsgillies! :D

About the award from her post: The Liebster Award is a “favourite blog award”, as Liebster is the German word for favourite, beloved, or dearest. It is meant for smaller blogs with less than two hundred followers to help expose them to the world and help them discover other new and upcoming bloggers.

Rules for nominees:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • When you receive the award, answer the 10 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • Pass the award onto 10 other blogs (while making sure you notify the blogger that you nominated them!)
  • Write-up 10 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated your blog!

  • mrsgillies’ questions:

    1. What is your favourite book?
    I couldn’t answer this because I have so many favorites, or at least, there’s different aspects of stories that I really love which not all stories possess. But one of my favorites, read when I was in middle school, is Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. It’s just one of those reads that’s nostalgic for me, and even if I haven’t read it in years, it will always stand out.

    2. What is your favourite movie?
    Again, couldn’t pick a favorite. I always find myself going through this list in my head that seems to have titles battling for the top position, but no one ever wins. And honestly, I don’t even watch television much anymore, let alone movies!

    3. Would you rather live in a treehouse or an underground house?
    Well, I’m kind of scared of heights, so I’d probably have to go with an underground house!

    4. If there was one outfit that you had to wear for the rest of your life (you could wash it), what would it be?
    A tank top and a pair of sleep pants, hands down!

    5. What’s your favourite room in the house?
    My bedroom. It’s where all of my things are, and I never have to answer to anyone there! Second fav is the bathroom. It might not be MY bathroom alone, but I can’t live without it hah!

    6. Do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper?
    Oh geeze, I don’t fold it, I roll it, so I guess scrunching would be a better description? :D

    7. Which do you prefer, shower or bath?
    I had to take showers for so long in dealing with a rundown bathroom that needed renovations we didn’t have the money for that I definitely prefer baths now!

    8. What is your earliest memory?
    Honestly? Sitting on my little mini sofa built just for me in the living room of our apartment, watching television and asking my mom where my dad and my brother were. I don’t remember her answer, but I think she said they were out at the store.

    9. Sweet or savoury?
    Savory. Sweet is a good thing, but savory lasts a long time!

    10. Which would you prefer, ice-cream flavoured poo or poo flavoured ice-cream?
    I’m not a big fan of icecream, so I’ll go with the former!

    I have nominated:
    Sherbear’s Photos
    The Fevered Pen
    The Violet Hour Book Reviews
    Maria’s Thought Pad
    Magic, Gaming, and all Things N.E.R.D.
    The Fritz Chronicles
    Melissa Holden
    Those First Thrills
    MCG Reviews and Rants

    Check them out and pass on some love!

    My questions for nominees:
    1. If you love to read, why? If not, name a favorite book and tell us why it’s your favorite.
    2. If you’re a writer, what inspires you?
    3. Favorite music?
    4. Favorite video game? If you don’t play, have you ever considered it?
    5. Name a few iconic people you look up to (or just one!).
    6. Pizza or Burgers?
    7. Cats or Dogs?
    8. Have any special talents no one knows about?
    9. What are your guilty pleasures?
    10. Tired of this questionnaire yet?

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