Unannounced Hiatus

Hi guys! I wanted to drop by and apologize for the lack of updates there’s been to my blog over the past two months or so. It’s been a busy and rather hectic summer in some ways, and another birthday has come and gone! Sadly, these things have impacted my ability to drop by here very often, and they’ve even effected the progress of Strange Brew sadly. But I’m still steadily working at getting this story done (hoping for a release in the next three months) and I wanted to take a quick minute to come by and say yep, I’m still goin’! :D

I’m just sorry if this isn’t a completely elaborate update considering just how long it’s been since the last post. I hope everyone’s doing well in the meantime as well, and I promise to be back with more information on Strange Brew in the very least soon now!

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