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Happy October! (Strange Brew Updates)

Hi guys! Just wanted to drop in to wish everyone a happy October, and of course, Happy Halloween! This is one of the best months! :)

With that said, I have a few updates on Strange Brew to pass along! So! Anyone who’s been looking forward to the third book in The Crucible series will be happy to hear that it’s roughly 95% done. In fact, I’m hoping to have a Halloween release! This being said, I’d put it up for preorder on Halloween, but because there’s always the chance of unforeseen issues arising, I’m not entirely certain I’ll be doing that.

In any case, I have a very short tidbit from the story to share with you, and I hope you enjoy it! (And remember, the book isn’t done, so some things may be subject to change!)

Winding an arm around his neck, Aislinn tilted Troy’s face up with a finger under his chin, murmuring once she’d caught his gaze, “I’ve been holding back this past week, and that’s not something I usually do. So once this ritual is over, I’m expecting you to take me out and show me exactly why you’d be a good match for me, Troy Ashland.”
His rich brown eyes heated to golden as his arms wrapped around her, and she leaned down to kiss him, a deep kiss he reciprocated in kind. It was a promise of what was to come—one that spoke of nothing but erotic pleasure.
Aislinn couldn’t let it go too far before performing the rest of the ritual however, breaking her lips from his after only a few moments to breathlessly whisper, “Think you can do that?”
“You’ll know plenty about what I can do soon enough,” he promised sinfully on a voice hoarse with desire.

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