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The Long Silence–Oh, and Blue Moon’s in paperback! :)

So, I’ve been meaning to get over here and post for, well, it’s definitely been a while. I look forward to the day that real world problems end, or at least get cleared up enough that I have all the time in the world to do absolutely nothing but write, post to my blog, and work on my author website. Because yeah, the website is still in the works.

But not all of this long silence has been spent taking care of real life drama. Some of it was used for a much needed break. Sadly, because one can’t actually be “fired” from their job as a self employed author, at least, not in a technical sense, writing was the thing I had to give up for a while before I either A. Had a burn out, or B. Spontaneously combusted.

So! Here I am, and as you can see from the title, I do have updates to share! Firstly, Blue Moon is finally available in paperback! Yay! I did my best to make the paperback as cheap as possible, but I will admit, it came out being more expensive than I’d hoped =|! I only have so much control over the pricing, however, and the good news is that judging by my proof books, it’s made of top quality material!

As a quick aside, there’s nothing like seeing your work in print! To celebrate, I’m going to put up a promo of Blue Moon in ebook format in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled! :D

Second update: Light of Dawn will be joining Blue Moon in paperback soon as well! I’ve already received my first proof of it, and I’m very happy with the results! Sadly, I have no clue as to when Strange Brew might be added to the list, but I can say that it will get there!

The last update of any importance is that I am working on the fourth book in The Crucible series now. It doesn’t have a title yet, however, so it’s definitely in the infancy of its development, meaning I can’t even guess at a time frame for when it’ll be out. But if anyone wanted any hold-me-over information, I might say that the plot is vampire-heavy. :D

Anyway, thanks for being so patient with me everyone! Happy Easter (belated anyway, and also, if you actually celebrate it) and try not to overeat the chocolates!

Cheers! :D

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