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Thanks Everyone!–Book Sale and Website Updates

The three day book sale is over now, and wow! It was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who left comments and offered ratings on! If you missed the sale, don’t worry, there will be more to come in the future definitely! :)

Now, I have an announcement to make, being that I’ve finally managed to acquire my own website! is under construction, and while there is a placeholder page with links and info up at the moment, nothing else is currently available. Still, it shouldn’t be too long before everything is in working order! In the meantime, I’ll definitely still be using this blog for updates! :)

As a side note, my non-proof copy of Blue Moon in paperback arrived yesterday. I may or may not have become emotional LoL! But the timing seemed strange. I’d just acquired my website and there was my book. I wonder if it’s some kind of a sign…XD

Cheers! :D

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