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What’s Next?

So I decided to make a quick update here just to say that woo, April’s been a busy month! Lots going on, and it’s been great! Mostly, these things have to do with website updates (which are going smoothly) and getting my facebook page edited, yada yada, lots of little things here and there.

But I really wanted to come by and comment on the fourth book coming soon in my paranormal romance series. I only have a working title for it so far, and I haven’t written up any blurbs yet to post, so I’m not going to be revealing too much information here. In fact, progress is going somewhat slowly at the moment if only because I’ve been so busy with other things (both writing and non-writing related). But I’m happy to say this book is going to (finally lol) dive into The Crucible itself a little more and offer some information on the way in which the divinians work.

Also vampires. Did I mention vampires? :D

Lastly, I’m still proofing Light of Dawn’s paperback version, and it’s almost ready!

So expect more updates in the near future, and thanks again for being so awesome! Cheers! :D

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