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The Gang’s All Here!

So, as you can see, I’m in the process of proofing Light of Dawn and Strange Brew!

Sadly, Light of Dawn has proven to be difficult to get in order, but Strange Brew is looking good! I suppose it’s just a matter of it being the third book, and as they say, third time’s a charm, hah! :)

As soon as I have a minute to look over the new proof of Light of Dawn I have coming in, I’ll very likely be approving it, and as a head’s up, I’ll be having another book sale to celebrate! So keep your eyes peeled! :D

Aside from that, I’ve been busy on facebook and with website updates, but none of these things have kept me as occupied as working on my fourth book. I will be making some announcements on that soon as well (in an official capacity anyway) so there’s something else for you guys to look forward to! :D

Lastly, and strangely enough I was just asked about this in a comment, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m planning on getting my books available on more platforms than just Kindle. Since publishing Blue Moon, my work has been exclusively on Amazon (some of you may know about the KDP Select program, which my books are enrolled in, that demands exclusivity) and I haven’t put out any other formats for them. But yes, I’m planning on trying to expand their availability so people without a kindle who might be curious enough to read will have a chance to! :)

Until then, Blue Moon is already available in paperback for those without ereaders, so that’s a start at least!

Hope you guys are having an excellent weekend! Cheers! :D

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