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Light of Dawn Book Sale Canceled

Well, I have some disappointing news.  So sit back and grab some popcorn because it’s story time!  (This might get a little long, so I’m going to put most of it under a cut.)

When Blue Moon was released in paperback, I set up a three day long free book promotion on the ebook version with Light of Dawn and Strange Brew being .99 cents.  I’d planned on doing the same with Light of Dawn (I believe I mentioned it in the announcement post) and a few days ago, I attempted to set it up only to be met with a roadblock.

To explain this roadblock, I have to first offer a bit of insight into Amazon’s KDP Select program, which all of my ebooks are currently enrolled in.  It’s a program set up with the intention of helping authors get more exposure, and offers the free book promotion tool to use.  Enrollment periods last for 90 days, and each period for my books are currently set to end on different days.

So, with that said, I tried to set up this new promotion only to learn that Light of Dawn was inexplicably ineligible for it.  I scratched my head and stared at the screen.  The reason it was ineligible seemed to be in error; KDP was telling me to cancel the countdown deal set up for the book, but …  well, I hadn’t actually set up any countdown deals.

Curious indeed.

So I contacted support, using the wrong channels the first time around (oops) and eventually got an answer.  It’s a simple explanation; because my three day book sale for Blue Moon took place on the same enrollment period Light of Dawn is currently on, I had already “run a Kindle Countdown Deal promotion … and therefore will have to wait until the current Select term ends.”

Okay, simple enough.  The period doesn’t end until June 25th, however, and that’s almost a month away.  BOO!  :(

The good news is that Blue Moon and Strange Brew are both on periods that have since been renewed, and I do have Strange Brew’s paperback in the works, which will be getting released soon now.  So this means that sadly, there’s not going to be a promotion for Light of Dawn.  I really want to apologize for that!  I was looking forward to setting up another sale for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy, but alas, it’s not going to come to pass.

Now, yes, I realize “Angela!  You can just wait until Light of Dawn’s term renews on June 25th and have the sale then!”  I may just have a sale if the option is available then, but there’s another issue I need to share with everyone.

KDP Select has an exclusivity stipulation.  Basically, any ebook enrolled in it can’t be sold on any other platform, including author websites.  It has to be available solely on Amazon Kindle to use the benefits of the program, and lately, I’ve been getting a few questions both online and off about expanding the availability of my books.

So I’ve made the decision not to renew the enrollment periods once they’ve ended,  and I’m not entirely certain if the promotional tools will still be available at that point.  This is all deserving of another post completely, but once Blue Moon’s period ends on August 5th, I’ll be looking into publishing my books on more platforms than just Kindle.

So!  There’s a full explanation regarding all the troubles and reasons and so on.  I’ll still be setting up a sale for Strange Brew, however–Light of Dawn simply won’t be eligible for it.  :(

My apologies again!  Hope everyone’s having a great week!

Cheers!  :D

4 thoughts on “Light of Dawn Book Sale Canceled

  1. So sorry to hear you can’t run the promotion you were anticipating!

    How do you feel KDP Select has worked for you? I have been wary of using it, due to the exclusivity clause. Yet I am just starting out, so maybe it is something to consider with some of my later offerings.

    1. Honestly, it keeps things simple when you have your books only on one specific platform, and it does offer higher royalties (I’m guessing to make up for the lack of being able to have your books offered in more places). So I think that it might actually be a great option for someone who’s just getting started! Then again, I also suppose that would depend on the author’s own unique sense of adventure lol!

      As for me, I think it’s helped to get a start, though I have regretted not being able to publish on more platforms before, and now I feel as if I might be outgrowing it (if that makes any sense lol). So overall, it depends on each person’s ever changing needs!

      Maybe a good idea is to start out enrolled for 90 days and see how things go before deciding for certain? :)

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