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Fallen Hearts Excerpt

So! I finally have a bit of story to share with you from my upcoming release, Fallen Hearts! (As I’m sure everyone’s cleverly deduced from the title of this post, so ignore my Captain Obviousness lol!) In any case, it’s not a very long excerpt, but as always, it’s a part of a story that is still highly subject to change, so the end product may just be a tad different from what you’re about to read. However, I hope you enjoy it anyway! :D

For a book synopsis, click the image above!
♦ ♦ ♦

For the first time since Maddox was revived, she quickly fell into a memory-less sleep and didn’t wake until well after the sun had gone down.
All thanks to Stephan.
Certainly, their blood link had a role to play in helping her fall asleep, but she hadn’t entirely relaxed until he was close. Listening to him talk while focusing on his pulse soon lulled her worries, and the next thing she knew, her eyes opened several hours later to the sight of Stephan’s broad back facing her from across the bed.
Indeed, she felt completely refreshed.
With an appreciative smile lifting the corners of her lips, she quietly pushed herself up and slipped over to her human companion. Resting a hand against his side, she enjoyed the feel of hard muscle beneath her fingers. Whatever could be said for his typically sour disposition, Stephan certainly had a physique she could appreciate.
Laying her cheek against his large arm, she whispered, “Thank you,” able to hear the sound of his blood flowing through his body against her ear. Curiously, she wondered what it might taste like, or how thick it would be to drink, quietly inhaling the scent deep, then sighed.
A vampire’s sense of smell wasn’t as developed as their hearing or vision, but it was highly attuned to blood, and Stephan’s was saccharine. The scent combined with the sound of its flow bombarded her, evoking the urge to lift her head and run kisses along his throat so she could feel his pulse against her lips.
Only one thing stopped her—the sensation of her fangs sharpening as she unexpectedly went into bloodlust.
For a vampire who prided herself on control, such an occurrence was unacceptable, though not entirely unexpected. It’d been quite some time since Maddox enjoyed the experience of drawing straight from the source—arguably the best way to feed—and their link only amplified the temptation to answer the call of Stephan’s blood by drawing from it, and feeling it come to life within her.
But experiencing an enticement so strong it triggered bloodlust without warning? Dangerous.
Tensing her upper lip, Maddox forced her fangs into submission, ready to lift her head and put some distance between herself and her mortal companion before she acted without thinking.
But the moment she moved, she found herself pinned on her back with a muscled arm across her chest.
Stephan loomed above her, glaring down as if he’d just tackled an enemy. But his harsh expression soon softened, suggesting she’d simply startled him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” she answered softly, wondering if the purr in her voice was just her imagination. But either way, she couldn’t help it. His hips were now wedged firmly against hers, and the size of his body did nothing to quell her lust for blood—and sex.
It was strange to suddenly crave satisfaction for hunger and physical pleasure simultaneously. Maddox couldn’t recall ever wanting both at once before. But if her hunger alone could be described as an ache, then right now, she was in agony.
His mouth was close enough to allow her to lean up and kiss him as well, and her gaze locked on his lips. Furthermore, Stephan wasn’t moving as his heartbeat sped up, leading her to believe two things.
First, her eyes weren’t glowing red, otherwise he probably would’ve become angry.
Second? He wants me as well.
It was a reminder of his reaction to their kiss, and how he’d told her he wasn’t interested—but she could feel his interest pressing into her lower stomach that very moment, and it was certainly feeding her own.
Without thought, she slowly drew her hands up his back and across the sinew beneath his thin shirt. As a result, Stephan tensed, rasping in answer to her apology for waking him, “It’s fine.”
But Maddox wasn’t listening, slowly leaning up to press her lips against his. At the contact, Stephan released a pent up breath, then kissed her back without restraint, sweeping his tongue into her mouth with an urgency that was only outmatched by the way he moved to wrap his arms around her.
Their tongues met stroke for stroke as her legs parted around his hips, drawing him in closer. In turn, his jeans ground directly between her thighs, and the thin robe she wore did nothing to dull the sensation.
Curling her fingers into his shirt as the ache between her legs grew stronger, Maddox let a loud moan into his mouth, so aroused by his movements that her fangs immediately sharpened.
And as before, it brought their kiss to an abrupt halt.
The moment Stephan felt them, he quickly drew back, causing a heavy sense of disappointment to overwhelm her. He must have feared cutting himself on them and possibly driving her into some kind of feeding frenzy—but there was little time to question it.
Just when she thought he was going to get up before she could explain her inability to control her jutting fangs being so aroused, he turned his head and pressed his mouth to her cheek, trailing kisses along it to her jaw and over her throat.
Gasping, Maddox’s eyes slid shut, her head falling back as she splayed her fingers in his hair to hold him close. She’s never desired any man’s attention as much as his, her lips parting with his name filling the alcove around them on a soft moan.
The sound seemed to spur him on, and Stephan began kissing a line from her throat and down to her breasts where her robe had fallen open, making her nipples harden in anticipation. At the same time, his hand slowly drew up her thigh, heat traveling to her core when his fingers hooked into the band of her panties as if to tug it off.
And Maddox wanted more so badly she couldn’t stand it.
“Stephan, please don’t stop,” she murmured seductively against his ear, lifting her legs at his sides in a show of need.
But his response wasn’t at all the one she wanted.
At the sound of her voice, Stephan froze in place, taking a deep breath before turning his head away with a low curse, then pushed himself off of her completely.
Somehow, the empty space above her seemed even more stark than spending her days entombed in a coffin, leaving her confused and disappointed as he turned away to settle at the foot of the bed.
“Stephan,” Maddox drew out huskily, sitting up behind him. In the process, her disheveled robe fell open completely, exposing her red lace bra and panties, but she made no attempts to cover up again.
Instead, she placed a hand on his shoulder, asking, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid I’ll take your blood?”
After a brief hesitation, he admitted, “That’s part of it,” and stood from the bed without sparing her a second glance.
“Wait,” she rushed out, grabbing his hand to stop him. “What’s the other part?”
“I just got carried away,” he muttered, promising as if he’d made a huge mistake, “It won’t happen again.”
“What if I want it to happen again?”
At that, he momentarily froze, and she could hear his heartbeat accelerating as if he wanted the exact same thing. But he tugged his hand from hers regardless and answered, “Trust me, you don’t,” as he headed toward the dressing room, leaving her to stare in disbelief.

♦ ♦ ♦

Fallen Hearts doesn’t have a release date set yet, but there will definitely be more information to come!  Read another excerpt here!

Cheers! :D

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