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Strange Brew Cover Update – and I’m on Twitter!

Well, Strange Brew has finally joined the march of updated book covers! This means I’m free to finally (and fully) focus on Fallen Hearts from both a writing and designing perspective (not that I haven’t been writing just as much as before lol!). Also, Strange Brew will be available for pre-order on Smashwords on July 27th! Release date is TBA, but it will be sometime after August 21st! :)

With this said, I have a few more announcements to make, mostly being that I’ve finally opened a twitter account, which is probably long overdue. But…well, twitter scares me lol! Still, I added that nifty little widget to the side bar so you guys can see my tweets from here, oh my!

Lastly, I don’t think I ever provided a link to my Smashwords profile, but here it is in case any of you were curious!

Cheers! :)

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