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Light of Dawn Book Sale CANCELED! :(

Well, I’ve had to cancel yet ANOTHER sale on Light of Dawn.  This book is just being stubborn now :(

So, long story short, let’s just say that while Smashwords lets you make a coupon, they don’t actually (and I’m guessing at this) allow you to pre-order a book directly from their website.  Light of Dawn is, however, available from the following vendors:

and sadly, I checked the code, and it’s invalid on those websites.

But this simply means I’ll have to wait until the book’s released before having a free sales event.  Again, I’m really sorry everyone, but as a consolation, I’ll keep the coupon running and check to make sure it doesn’t actually register on the sites listed above, and make a post if it does!  :)

Cheers everyone!  :)

4 thoughts on “Light of Dawn Book Sale CANCELED! :(

  1. I tried to order it, but was only able to get a sample. This was my first time using Smashwords, so it may have been an error on my part, but it told me the book wasn’t available for purchase yet.

    1. Ugh, I’m having a friend check it now. I’m also new to smashwords, and I’m not sure why they’d even let you make a coupon if there’s no pre-order button (the page I see is apparently set up for authors with book stats and so on, so I don’t have a buy now button either lol).

      Okay, so my friend got back to me and said there’s no button for her either, so I don’t think it’s just you. I also checked it on Barnes and Noble at and it said the coupon was invalid there.

      Man, this is the second time I’ve tried to have a sale on this book, and it just DOESN’T want to work with me lol! I’m just gonna stand on a street corner and hand out copies to everyone! Anyway, I’m really sorry about that, but ever so thankful for the thought! <3 If you'd like, give me your email address and I'll send you a PDF copy :)

    1. Okay, the file has been sent! Let me know if it doesn’t work/there’s some kind of trouble with it lol And thank you so much! I hope the rest of it lives up to expectations! :)

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