Light of Dawn Book Sale CANCELED! :(

Well, I’ve had to cancel yet ANOTHER sale on Light of Dawn.  This book is just being stubborn now :(

So, long story short, let’s just say that while Smashwords lets you make a coupon, they don’t actually (and I’m guessing at this) allow you to pre-order a book directly from their website.  Light of Dawn is, however, available from the following vendors:

and sadly, I checked the code, and it’s invalid on those websites.

But this simply means I’ll have to wait until the book’s released before having a free sales event.  Again, I’m really sorry everyone, but as a consolation, I’ll keep the coupon running and check to make sure it doesn’t actually register on the sites listed above, and make a post if it does!  :)

Cheers everyone!  :)

4 thoughts on “Light of Dawn Book Sale CANCELED! :(

  1. I tried to order it, but was only able to get a sample. This was my first time using Smashwords, so it may have been an error on my part, but it told me the book wasn’t available for purchase yet.

    • Ugh, I’m having a friend check it now. I’m also new to smashwords, and I’m not sure why they’d even let you make a coupon if there’s no pre-order button (the page I see is apparently set up for authors with book stats and so on, so I don’t have a buy now button either lol).

      Okay, so my friend got back to me and said there’s no button for her either, so I don’t think it’s just you. I also checked it on Barnes and Noble at and it said the coupon was invalid there.

      Man, this is the second time I’ve tried to have a sale on this book, and it just DOESN’T want to work with me lol! I’m just gonna stand on a street corner and hand out copies to everyone! Anyway, I’m really sorry about that, but ever so thankful for the thought! <3 If you'd like, give me your email address and I'll send you a PDF copy :)

    • Okay, the file has been sent! Let me know if it doesn’t work/there’s some kind of trouble with it lol And thank you so much! I hope the rest of it lives up to expectations! :)

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