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Fallen Hearts Excerpt #2

So, I found another tidbit from Fallen Hearts to share! It’s not a very long excerpt, but I wanted to throw it up if only because it seems appropriate after making all you lovely people wait so long while I diligently try to hammer the final half of this story out so that it’s ready for sharing! :D

So what happens when you stick a vampire hating mortal with an inquisitive vampire who’s been out of commission for seventy years?

♦ ♦ ♦

Maddox found Stephan alone in the hall—and the blood link was much more pronounced now that she was at full strength. Focusing on it, she could hear it in each thump of his heart, and the flowing stream was tantalizing, even soothing.
But instead of commenting, she merely waved a hand, announcing, “I’m ready to go.”
Nodding silently, Stephan pushed himself away from the wall, giving her a discreet once over before leading the way, likely because her eyes were back to normal. If anything, this proved she was no longer weakened from hunger, and such knowledge would probably have him on his guard.
But Maddox decided not to reassure him. Winning favor with this mortal would have to be done through action, not verbal promises. So she searched for something else to talk about while falling into step with him.
Thankfully, there wasn’t a huge lack of topics available, and while gazing at all of the doors evenly spaced apart along the corridor walls, she admitted, “I thought this was a motel.”
“No, just the underground residency of our compound.”
“Underground? No wonder my room doesn’t have any windows. I mean, if it is my room.”
“No one else is living in it.”
Living in it? People don’t just use the rooms temporarily?”
“Some do, others stay,” he shrugged.
“Do many people live here?”
As if the numerous questions were becoming tiresome, Stephan turned a sideways glance in her direction, then sighed before offering an answer. “This compound has a lot of facilities, so yeah, there’s enough.”
Maddox nodded and, as they rounded a corner at the end of the hall, decided to ignore his irritation in favor of continuing her inquiry.
“And do all of the residencies have their own bathrooms?”
This time, he gave a clipped, “Yes.”
“Is the water usage limited?”
Smirking, Maddox would’ve went on, but suddenly found herself highly distracted when a man who appeared to be talking to himself passed them in the hall. Yet, at the last minute, she realized he had a strange device in his ear, and didn’t even realize she’d stopped to stare until Stephan took her arm to urge her on.
“He’s on the phone,” the mortal explained.
“But … where’s the cord?”
“It’s wireless now. You’ll get used to it.”
Finally prying her gaze away, she faced forward to see that they’d arrived at an elevator, and Stephan pressed the button to summon it. A moment later, the doors slid open to an empty cab, and inside, he pressed another button labeled ‘B5’.
The portal then shut, and feeling the inertia as it began a downward descent, she asked, “There’s no operator?”
“Then are those numbers above the door reading the floors?”
Vexed, Stephan retorted harshly, “I’m not an engineer, so I don’t fucking know.”
Maddox hid her grin over his agitation, returning plainly, “I’m just curious.”
“No shit.”
“What happened to make you hate vampires so much?”
Immediately, Stephan became confused by the off-topic question. But Maddox meant for it to be jarring, hoping to catch him off guard and get an actual answer. It was a long shot, and she wouldn’t pry if he closed up on her, but she certainly wouldn’t mind knowing.
Yet, the moment her question registered, Stephan sent an icy look in her direction and stated pointedly, “None of your fucking business.”
Well, that settles it. Short of earning his trust, there would be no chance of learning about his past.

♦ ♦ ♦

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