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The Case of the Disappearing Pages–Website Updates

I don’t consider myself a mystery writer in the slightest. My books have been known to throw a few mild twists out here and there, and there’s some question as to the who and what is behind some events, but I’m definitely no Doyle! So I thought it would be pertinent to point out that if you’ve noticed several pages disappearing from this blog, that’s because they’ve been relocated to my website. Mystery solved! :)

As for the remaining pages I’ve left up here, with the exception of my contact page, they’re pretty much mirrors of what I’ve provided on my website. Somehow, it just seemed simpler to throw all of that extracurricular information into one place to keep things simple and neat–and as a Virgo, I definitely appreciate neatness, though you’d never be able to tell looking at my room.

In any case, I’m about to add some updates to the character and terminology pages as well. With Fallen Hearts coming, this story will reveal a little more information that I felt should be “chronicled” there, though I’ll probably wait until the book is out in the world to actually add the new definitions and so on.

Speaking of Fallen Hearts, I wanted to talk just a little about my editing process and how surprised I am by my progress on this book. Naturally, building a story takes a lot of time, and when you’re an indie author, time isn’t always a luxury. So when you finish your read aloud, and you realize that all that’s left is beta reader feedback and post edits, you start to get this sense of … what is it? Accomplishment.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if I’m just twitchy, but whenever I get to this point in editing (and yes, this has happened with all three of my previous novels) I become really paranoid. I keep asking questions like “Am I just deluding myself? Is this book actually on the last leg of its editing journey? Is it really almost ready to be shared with the world at large?” While I’d normally chalk these questions up to being super-sensitive-self-conscious (because I think everyone has moments like that), I think these questions stand on more legitimate legs than just “you’re being hard on yourself”.

And that’s when I start to realize that the actual act of polishing a book is, well, a pain in the fingers. Detailing, nitpicking, but keeping yourself from going overboard, is a very meticulous process. You’d think, being a Virgo as I am, that I’d love this process, but I believe my personal “eye for detail” in this situation just makes me even more prone to going overboard with things–and I fear it may be even harder for me to stay on board the ship rather than jumping over the edge with Fallen Hearts due to the time I had writing it.

Let’s just say that I got started on this book a little later in the year than I’d hoped, and I’d honestly believed I wouldn’t actually publish until November or thereabouts. So to make it to the finals in mid-August? Yeah, those paranoid questions are weighing down on me twofold!

Ah, the writing life. You know, as annoying as what I’ve just described sounds, I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. Maybe a chocolate chip cookie, but not the world! :D

Keep an eye out for updates coming in the near(ish) future, which I’ll be posting here as soon as they come!

Cheers! :D

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