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For weeks now, I’ve been wanting to come over here and write an article for (hopefully) everyone to enjoy, but sadly, nothin’ doin’. Mostly, personal (health) issues have gotten in the way, and I was fairly sick over the weekend, which really interfered with my writing.

As if that isn’t enough, I’ve come to an impasse in my current manuscript (boo pacing and exposition) though I’m fairly sure it’s only a temporary setback until I can find my flow again (probably offset by how sick I was feeling this weekend). So, because I haven’t been able to write any articles, and progress has been going a little slow on my next book, I was kicking around the idea of revealing who it’s about despite the fact that I have no title yet, no blurbs, and no cover. In fact, if I had to estimate a percentage of completion for this manuscript, I’d have to say it’s only at about 35% done, and that might be just a tad generous.

Still, I’m very excited for this next story in my series, and I believe I may have only met an impasse because I’m so invested in writing it and want it to be, well, good! :) So I’ve decided to keep it a secret for just a little longer, but I’ll soon hand out more information for everyone to sink their teeth into :D

Hints? Let’s just say I’ve been asked for this story repeatedly, and I know some people who’ll probably be thrilled that it’s finally coming along!

Cheers! :D

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