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The Crucible Series Book 5: The Final Calling (Cover and Synopsis Reveal)


The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series Book Five: The Final Calling

Prophecies, tyrants, assassins, and exiled royalty aren’t the things Edith Walsh thought she’d be dealing with when her training as a mage apprentice began. Her main focus is becoming an enchantress by completing the Final Calling—a grand scavenger hunt all apprentices undertake to gather items needed to craft their coveted staff and gain eternal life.

This challenge can prove lethal if care isn’t taken to watch one’s steps. But making matters worse, Edith has also been marked for death by the Steward of the Perosian Empire, a tyrant named Rothario, all because of a pesky prophecy made centuries before her birth foretelling his demise at her hands.

So what’s a mage to do? Simple; accept the assistance of a sexy Perosian who’s dealt with Rothario’s minions for as long as he can remember. Yet Isaac wants far more than Edith’s safety—she’s his mate, and his fiery gaze, wicked tongue, and shameless seductions inflame her more intensely than she’s ever known.

Convicted of murdering the imperial family of Perosia, Isaac’s spent centuries as a fugitive hunted by a homeland he doesn’t recall. But his ruthless talent for survival serves him well, and there’s nothing he won’t do to protect Edith from the forces threatening her life, even if it means sacrificing his own.


Estimated Release: Spring 2016

Author’s Notes are under the cut (potential spoilers for Book 2, Light of Dawn are also there!).

It was hard for me to keep a lid on this one, and anyone who’s read Book 2 (Light of Dawn) might know why. At the end of the story, Isaac was cursed to eternally rot away until Chandra found him and promised to break the spell in exchange for a blood oath that he’d never interfere with the training of her first apprentice, who turns out to be Charlotte’s best friend, Edith. Why would Chandra make him take that oath? Because they’d both known for centuries that her first apprentice would be his mate, and let’s just say Isaac’s not the type who likes to wait.

So I’ve been itching to write this story for quite a while, and I’m extremely excited for the paths it’s starting to take! Sadly, I’m not very close to having any excerpts ready for sharing, and writing is very much so still in the early stages of development. But I’ll be making updates naturally, and hope those of you (and there have been quite a few) who’ve been asking me “Where’s Isaac’s story!?” or “When will Edith be back!?” can now rejoice knowing their time is at hand LoL! :D

As a side note, someone asked me “What’s a Perosian? I thought Isaac was a demon,” and I explained that they’re one in the same thing. The term “demon” has a number of definitions, not to mention there are several types, and as for “Perosian” or “Perosia”, all of that will be explained in time. :)

Cheers! :D

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