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A Hot Mess

So, after struggling and fighting and biting and smacking, I finally realized it’s not actually wordpress giving me trouble; it’s firefox. Well, that’s another reason to use a different browser. Seriously, firefox, get your crap together, you’re just slowin’ me down and I don’t do slow, okay?

Which is a lie, I’m actually slow all the time. Otherwise I would’ve realized firefox was the thing causing me problems sooner. Anywho!

Warning, the following is about as random, unorganized, and nonsensical as anything else randomly unorganized and nonsensical in the world. Bring popcorn. And Advil. I’m a mess at the moment, and I have no clarity of thought.

I have so many things I want to blog about I seriously don’t even know where to begin. It’s annoying. Why? Because every time I come to wordpress with the intention of talking about a topic, I stop myself short, wondering if I should talk about something else, or just explode all over a post like … something that explodes all over something else.

Forgive me, I’m tired and analogies aren’t my forte right now. Though I did just have a dirty thought about explosions, and I’ll stop there before the pure of heart faint. Though, if you’re actually pure of heart … why are you here!? D:

Some of the numerous things I want to talk about include (in no specific order) blog layouts, feminism, writing, website design, a new year beginning, and my love of fresh laundry piles. I mean they’re so damn warm, it’s awesome. You could roll around in them and no one would blame you if a pair of panties got stuck on your head. I wouldn’t anyway. THEY’RE CLEAN SO GO FOR IT. YAY!

I’m actually pretty tired of this blog layout. I mean it works, it’s simplistic, and easy to navigate. But being the design whore that I am, I want to customize it. But apparently, you can’t do that (at least, not that I’ve seen) without paying for the design. Hate to sound cheap, guys, but no thanks, I like to make my own designs, not pay for other people’s, so that ain’t gonna fly. (Pardon me, my southern is showing.) In fact, my desire to redesign something has gotten so bad that I’ve been eyeing my website with serious consideration. Might have to pull out the stops pretty soon and do a complete overhaul.

I may expound on some of the other things I mentioned in a future post, but right now, I just needed to blow off a little steam. I’ve been feeling kind of er … edgy here lately, though that’s a loose term. Honestly, it’s more like I’m trying to regain my footing. Maybe it’s just that this year seems to have gone by so damned fast. I mean damn yall, it’s almost 2016. Twenty freaking sixteen. How old am I again? Oh right, I stopped counting. :D

So, in conclusion, if my aim was to explode all over a post, I think you could say mission accomplished. I do feel a little better now, and hopefully, by the time I’m ready to make an actual, legitimate, professional-type attempt at another blog post, I’ll have my thoughts more organized and won’t cause any of you a headache reading what I have to say. Because I swear I’m not always this random. Well, sorta.

Cheers! :D

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