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Building Worlds & Other Godlike Stuff

One of the things about being an author I find simultaneously amusing and invigorating is the fact that as a writer with your own world, well … you’re the sovereign divine. You say what goes, who’s blessed, who falls, the problems they have to contend with, so on and so forth yadda yadda blah oh look, an uneaten snack cake on my desk. *noms*

Where was I? Oh right, ehem. So, like any good deity (or maybe you’re a malevolent bastard your minions would usurp if they had the chance, who knows?) you’ve got your own lore and backstory and tons of details that you’ll likely never actually get the chance to put into any of your stories. But that way, if someone charges you down with a million questions about why the plot in your story makes no sense and you should fix it, you can whip out your customized “bible” and use it like a shield all “Ah, here it is, the book of Lore, Chapter 2, Verse 12 … ” Anyway.

It’s like we need files upon files detailing all this stuff we’re never going to put in a story. Well, I have files upon files, not sure how much of a weirdo that makes me, but I’ll digress. I’d even drawn out a map of Ithelyon at one point (if you’ve read my stories, you know it’s another realm) though this map is heavily outdated (I think I made it like ten years ago, long before Blue Moon was published) so yeah, point being; building worlds and keeping up with them is a full time job in itself.

I’m surprised more writers haven’t exploded into a million pieces. Some days I’ll stare at a page in a story I’m working on and notice a plot device and ask myself “wait, how did that work again?” Only a moment passes before I go “OH YEAH!” BUT! Then I feel this ominous sense of overwhelming dread when I start to worry about how I’m going to make sure the rest of the story bides by this (probably unspoken) piece of lore and whether or not I’ll be shooting myself in the foot in future books if I should forget about it somehow.

Thankfully, that sense of dread doesn’t last long, and I’m happily carrying on my way, tapping out word after word on a page.

But I was just wondering, because I’ve seen it in books before; Just how well received are those stories with really long lists of terms and definitions before the book actually starts? Like hi, I’m here to read a fantasy story, not learn ._.! LoL! Still, I have to admit, I was kicking around the idea of having such a list added to my fifth book (though certainly not before the story begins, that’s just too much to trudge through). But if I add it at the end, it’s kind of like “Oh, didn’t know what that one thing was? Here it is long after you needed it.” Hmm, maybe it’s best to leave my terms on the terminology page of my website.

In any case, and speaking of websites, mine just got a new layout WOO! I think I’d mentioned that a week or so ago? I can’t quite remember, but I’m very pleased with it, and now that I’m done, and today is the last day of my work week, my weekend will be free to write more of The Final Calling! Good weekend is good. I hope lol!

Cheers! :D


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