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The Most Uninteresting Blog Update Ever

Nothing much new going on around here, I have to admit. Except that after I updated my website’s layout, I knew something needed to be done about my blog regardless of the fact that 99.9% of wordpress’s themes do nothing to my skirt. No blowing it up, no gusting, not even a drift. This one, though, I’d seen before, but wasn’t quite sure it was something I wanted to switch to. Then I decided what the hell, change needs to happen. I’d had my old layout since I’d opened this blog with only minor alterations over time, so if I was ever gonna do something, it was now.

I’m so not used to it either. “How do I navigate my own blog again? I forgot!” Seems to be the theme of the evening at the moment. Anyway, as I’d said before, this is the most uninteresting blog update ever. So I’m gonna get back to writing (which I’ve neglected for quite some time tonight) and probably get lost again whenever I visit here later.

Cheers! :)

2 thoughts on “The Most Uninteresting Blog Update Ever

    1. Yeah, I realized I had my background from my websites old layout just sitting around, and noticed it looked good with the dark theme, so hey! Recycling old designs is good for the environment lol!

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