Self Publishing Matures Just a Bit

So, I just saw a post over on facebook linking to an article on enovelauthorsatwork.com stating that Amazon is about to tighten the reigns on all authors. From Tradi-pubbed to Indie, we’re about to see warnings if our ebooks aren’t up to snuff. Check their article here, and this one at goodereader.com.

Basically, books that are badly edited, formatted, or just plain old unreadable (plot holes, inconsistencies in storytelling, etc.) will have a warning issued to all customers about the problems. Sadly for me, I’m a one woman show, and I’m not at all certain I’ve been able to rid my manuscripts of typos completely, so I may just be seeing a few warnings myself. Still, this introduces a level of quality control that the self publishing industry really does need.

On the other hand, Amazon’s KDP isn’t precisely an editing group, so how well will they be able to pick out what’s an actual grammar problem, and what’s, for example, character specific dialogue that’s written exactly as it’s meant to be? For example, my character, Petelugu (Pete for short) is an Ogre who’s a prodigy in comparison to others of his kind, but to us? Yeah, he’s a bit on the slow side, and doesn’t always speak eloquently;

After staring for only a moment, the ogre asked incredulously, “Maddox?”
“You remembered!” she grinned proudly.
Without pause, the door opened and Pete stepped out. His height dwarfed Stephan’s, as did his build—brawny arms, a rounded belly, and two tusks jutting up from his bottom lip that offered an intimidating air to an already imposing creature.
Grinning, he grabbed Maddox, lifting her from the ground in a tight hug and exclaimed, “We thought you dead!”
“Don’t squeeze me, Pete, don’t … you’re squeezing,” she muttered.
“Sorry,” he apologized, placing her safely down again, then turned a set of wary blue eyes on Stephan. “Who’s he?”
“He’s … actually, I think he has some ogre in him, Pete.”
Taking her suggestion seriously, the ogre sniffed the air to get Stephan’s scent, then scoffed. “No he don’t.”

(Excerpt from Fallen Hearts, Chapter 15)

I’ve been over this with a fine tooth comb, and nothing written is a mistake. So as you can see, someone might take the “No he don’t” as bad grammar, when it’s just the way Pete talks. Point being, while I’m glad to hear about quality control, I still have misgivings over who’s enforcing those controls. But I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments on this, please feel free to add them!

Cheers! :)

3 thoughts on “Self Publishing Matures Just a Bit

    1. Yeah, it was the best I could think of as an example overall, and I’m sure they’ll be a little more “picky” about what constitutes as a problem, but it does make you wonder. Kindle has a lot of ebooks after all, which makes me think they might automate the process to make it go more “easily”.

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