Strange Brew by Angela Colsin

Thanks so much for the review on Strange Brew, Debra! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Geek Sneak Peek

Strange Brew is Book 3 of The Crucible Series by Angela Colsin, an independent author I recently found.

First, the BlurbFeeling out of touch with her magical gifts, Aislinn Carmichael is a witch seeking a means of restoring her ability to its fullest potential. Despite the warnings of family and friends, the endeavor inevitably drives her to accept the initiation trial of a witch coven called The Trine. 

Their test demands the capture of a supernatural creature, a task Aislinn has little doubt she can accomplish with relative ease. But of all the potentially benign creatures she could’ve snared, none other than a feral werewolf stumbles into her trap. Making matters worse is The Trine’s intentions for her dangerous captive, forcing Aislinn to release him and potentially risk retaliation. 

But vengeance is the farthest thing from the werewolf’s mind. 

Troy Ashland is a werewolf standing at death’s door…

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