Romance · Strange Brew · The Crucible

EDGy Reviews – Strange Brew

EDGy Reviews gave Strange Brew 4 Stars!

From their site:

Strange Brew was a great story that I enjoyed very much.

Troy is a werewolf on the verge of losing his humanity, this is a curse they all face when they can’t find their mates before reaching 200 hundred years of age. He has almost given up hope when he gets word as to where his mate is… and he doesn’t waste time getting there.

Aislinn is a born witch whose magic hasn’t been quite right lately. Feeling off she is taking every opportunity that arises to help her get her powers up to what they should be. Her mother suggests a ritual for her 25th birthday, and having gotten an invite to join a coven, she accepts their initiation test intuiting something good will come out of it.” —See More

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