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Fallen Hearts is now on Kobo

fallenhearts_med So, Fallen Hearts was published back in October, and in all that time, it had never been listed on Kobo despite the fact that I opted to distribute there. I had no idea why, and tried a few methods to fix the problem, but still no go.

It was starting to get irritating. =|

So last week, I decided to try once more before sending out an email explaining the problem, and opted out briefly, then opted back in. They said it’d take about 1-3 business days to see results after shipping, which meant Tuesday of this week. So when I realized today was Wednesday, I checked, and lo and behold, there it was! :)

So, for anyone who’s a Kobo shopper and hadn’t found this book available on your preferred retailer’s website yet, here it is!

Thanks guys! The rest of the buy links are below! <3

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