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Formatting The Final Calling

So, I’ve made the final edits on my newest manuscript and I’ve gotten it formatted and uploaded for release on June 3rd! I’ll have a list of links where you can preorder it in an “official” announcement post soon, but for now, I wanted to comment a little on the editing process.

My poor genius scenes! They had to be cut! :( LoL This is typical though, I haven’t written a single book where I’ve been able to keep all of the scenes that made me laugh or frown or think “this is really good!” That’s just the way writing goes. But there was something I had to cut from The Final Calling that I really wanted to be able to include. It’s not a scene exactly, and the reasons I had to cut it were numerous, for example, there was simply no where to include it in my book.

Some people may disagree with my decision to cut it, and say that it was necessary in order to give substance to the story. So before I get on with it, let me tell you what it was; the prophecy itself. Naturally, if you haven’t read Light of Dawn, you’re probably lost on what I’m talking about. For that reason, I’m going to cut the rest of this to prevent “spoiling” people! :D

So, in Light of Dawn, there are brief mentions of a prophecy that revealed Chandra’s first mage apprentice as being Isaac’s mate. Well, that wasn’t precisely what the prophecy was meant to foretell, it was just a part of the overall prediction, and we learn more about it during The Final Calling. But what I wanted to do was have this prophecy listed at the beginning of the book, just before the prologue, and sadly, technical issues and comprehensibility made that somewhat impossible. I felt inclusion of this prophecy would really only serve to confuse readers if placed at the beginning of the book (for various reasons), and there simply wasn’t a place to stick it in later parts of the story.

So I decided to post it here as kind of a “teaser” for anyone who’s been looking forward to reading this book. It might be considered slightly spoilery, but hey, that’s what teasers are for, right? :D

So here it is!:

Let it be foretold, the day shall come when Perosia may count Mystikkar amongst its closest allies once again. An enchantress of unspoken talent and the first apprentice of Chandra Dans-Allard will usurp the tyrant, Rothario, restoring the true sovereign line to the throne and reuniting our people by virtue of her matehood with an imperial heir.
—A prophecy made to Rothario, the Steward of Perosia, 200 years ago

While writing this prophecy out, I had a goofball moment where I wanted the source on that quote to actually say, “—A 200 year old prophecy made to Rothario by an unknown seer … who’s probably dead now…” XD

Anyway, thanks so much guys, and hope you’re having a great weekend! Cheers! :D

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