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Fae & Witches – The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series

So, as promised, here’s the post for the Fae and Witches! :)


I had a lot of fun with developing this one! I’ve always loved the idea that there are these magical beings roaming the woods and other natural areas that protect it and even foster it. I like to imagine them as being both beautiful, and terrible if they’re threatened or otherwise provoked. The fae are all female–life givers–and there are various types with different abilities based on the landscape that engendered them. In the series to date, we’ve only encountered two types, the green fae and sun fae, but rest assured, we’ll be seeing more of them as time goes on! :)


One of my most favoritest (I know, not a word, but I BREAK RULES lol) supernatural beings are witches. I based a lot of the development on them in my series on actual occult and pagan practices utilized in the real world, but perhaps added a few “flourishes” here and there. There’s magic in nature, after all, whether you’d like to think of that magic as being something as physical as a sunrise, or more intangible such as one of nature’s many mysteries, and that’s where these practitioners draw their strength. For this reason, witches/warlocks aren’t actually a race of beings, so to speak. Some humans are born with an inherent connection to the energies of the world around them, but anyone can pick up the practice of “The Craft” and start casting spells.

The success of these spells simply depends on the practitioner’s knowledge and skill. :D

So that’s it for this post. Check in next time when we find out what happens when a vampire goes to the dentist, and whether or not werewolves visit doctors or vets! LoL :P

Cheers! :D

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