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Vampires & Werewolves – The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series

Before I get started, let’s just say that two of these animations gave me so much trouble I wanted to put an axe through my computer screen, and the one for the werewolves was one of them. UGH! It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to, but it works as it is, so I give up. ._.


I’ll be honest, when I first started writing my series, I’d actually decided to forgo writing any stories about vampires whatsoever. At the time, mainstream media and television shows were filled with nothing but vampires (i.e., True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries), and I’d gotten really tired of seeing them. My favorite paranormal creatures are dragons, werewolves, and witches, and I wanted to focus my stories on things of that nature. But as time went on, that sour taste in my mouth started to fade away, though I knew that if I were going to write a story about vampires, I had to do something different. So I started looking at commonalities between most vampires, taking away things I liked, and what I didn’t like, and began hammering out something I hoped might be “new” while still staying true to the major idea of what a vampire is overall.

Because of this, I feel like the vampires found in The Crucible Series may be one of the most complex races I’ve developed. From mentality to ability, there’s a lot to describe, but considering I’m happy with the way Fallen Hearts turned out, I think I did a decent job of getting it all organized.


What can I say, I love werewolves, though I should probably refer to them as Ferines in this instance as it’s the name they prefer. In a sense, I think I stuck to the more traditional definition of what a werewolf is in my series, though they don’t actually turn into legitimate beasts or monsters. Sure, their faces become more animalistic, their size increases, and they gain claws and fangs, but if you were to see one in it’s “beastly” form at a distance, you’d probably think, “That’s just a really big human”.

Let’s just hope this Ferine hasn’t turned savage because that might be your last thought if so! D:

In any case, I wanted to post werewolves and vampires together because the truth of the matter is that these beings have a history, and it’s a history I haven’t actually revealed yet outside of saying, “Oh, yeah, by the by, they’re natural born enemies.” Will we get to find out what this history is? Let’s just say the more books I write, the closer everything will come to being revealed! :D

Stay tuned for next time when we learn more about mages, Perosian demons, and why all divinians seem to have a habit of sitting on sticks =|!

Cheers! :D

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7 thoughts on “Vampires & Werewolves – The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series

  1. Whoa! I definitely need to check out your books. I’m writing a fantasy romance and paranormal romance write now. I’m excited to meet another author :)

    1. Mwahahahaha fantasy writers unite! LoL But seriously, I’m pleased to meet you too! I was just taking a look at your blog/stories and let me say this up front; holy CRAP you have some gorgeous covers! I shall definitely have to give your books a look as soon as I get a chance to do more than skim over posts and whatnot. So you’ve been followed :P

      How’s the writing coming anyway? :D

      1. Thank you so much! The designer I got to do my covers is really good. And please, take your time. Only read the stories if you are interested in them^^ Yes! Fantasy writers should unite!! Thanks for following me! The writing is going good. I’m actually working on my newest chapter for Clash of Tides right now.

      2. I love that name (Clash of Tides sounds both fantastical and epic simultaneously)! I’m also working on some writing (even though I’m technically supposed to be promoting the release of my next book, but I like to combine tasks so nothing gets too monotonous lol!). I will definitely look into your stories the next free moment I have though! :D

      3. Thanks so much!! I checked out some of your books, and you have written a lot in your series. I really want to read the first book :) I love paranormal romance stories! Hehehe they are my guilty pleasure stories. Oh, good luck with promoting! You seem to be an already established author, so that is so awesome! I hope one day I can get to your level^^ You are such an inspiration.

      4. Awww, I hope so! The truth is, however, that I’m largely unknown, and perhaps have only a handful of people who know anything about my books. So if success means “fame”, I’ve got a long ways to go, too! But for me, success is just writing a story and hearing that someone enjoyed it, and if it’s the same for you, I’m sure you’re a lot closer to where you want to be than you think ;)

      5. I totally agree with you! I used to be after fame, but now I just enjoy the few readers who like my stories :)

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