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Mages, Demons, & Divinians – The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series

So, this will be my last post (for the time being) concerning the major races of supernatural beings currently established in The Crucible Series. Instead of two, there are three in this post, and for that reason, I’m going to put the last one under a cut (these animations are kind of on the large-ish side, after all, and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone’s connection lol :)!).


We’ll be learning all about mages and how they (majorly) function in my upcoming release, The Final Calling. But the preface is certainly available in the preview/samples of the story now available, and this information can be read up front. That said, I drew a lot of inspiration for the mages in my series from the many, many, various, numerous, myriad video games I’ve played featuring magic casters and similar types of playable characters. We’ve also encountered several mages throughout the course of the books in the series, including Chandra (sorceress), Eradin (wizard), and heard tales of a legendary magician named Heliger. As time goes on, I’ll reveal more about the abilities of each class, and for now, I’ll simply say that mages are probably one of the most complex groups I’ve had to create!


“But wait, I thought you said demons?” Well, that’s a technical term for Perosians considering (as the story goes) their god lost divine favor, and as such, so did his people. Ergo, they “fell”, and now we have a powerful group of immortals with a reputation for being formidable. In any case, this is another group that will be explored in The Final Calling, and additionally, this animation is one I feel is pretty one sided considering the various types of Perosians there actually are. But that’s a story for another day, and for now, all I have to say that I’ve had so much fun developing the backstory for this race and I can’t wait for more to come to light surrounding them.

Now, under the cut is the information on Divinians! Because what fantasy world would be complete without a kick ass race of holy warriors who’s organization is the namesake of the entire series? XD

Divinians (or The Athrene) are, as stated, a group of holy warriors that were largely “made up” for my series. You might be able to say they’re based off of the idea of angelic types of beings, but only loosely. That said, and though The Crucible is the namesake of my series, we haven’t actually run into these guys very often throughout the course of the books. The Final Calling is the first time we see any divinians besides Ardilon (and he wasn’t even introduced until book 4), and I won’t lie, they’re not around for very long. But why have I only given them brief appearances if they’re a central “theme” of these stories?

The answer is that I wanted these guys to have some actual substance. If I’d thrown them out in Blue Moon, sure, I could’ve written the substance in and “sold them” so to speak, but at the same time, that wouldn’t have had the impact I was hoping to achieve. So instead of just showing these guys off so readers could say “Oh yeah, that’s what it’s about”, we’ve gotten mentions of them standing off in the distance, as if watching everything that goes on in the world and deciding which situation needs intervention and what’s not quite important enough to cause them to grace anyone with their presence. This evokes a sense of mystery and even uncertainty about them, maybe even about their true intentions, and without giving away spoilers, when we do encounter them in The Final Calling, they’re not doing our good guys any favors.

The closest we ever get to learning more is in Fallen Hearts; Stephan is Ardilon’s votary, meaning he could one day become a divinian himself. But even he doesn’t fully understand Ardilon or the way the guy works, admitting to Maddox that there’s probably a ton of things his patron hasn’t told him, and that, if he wants to ask any questions, he has to wait for Ardilon to come to him first. Aside from this, his job is merely to have faith, and follow orders.

So there you have it! All of the races in The Crucible Series with a little author input from yours truly provided lol! What races are your favorites? I’d love to hear in the comments if you have a moment, and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Cheers! :D

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3 thoughts on “Mages, Demons, & Divinians – The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series

  1. Such cool world building you have here! I’m enjoying the post about your world and creatures. Once I get done reading my current book, I plan to read the first book in your series^^

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