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I’m Back! But Still Recovering…

Just wanted to leave a quick note here saying that I’m back! But I’m definitely not going to go into the week I had in depth. In fact, the most I feel like saying about it right now is that it was hellacious. I inevitably had to have a tooth pulled, and the extraction site is still causing me pain now, but it is getting better, so I’ll be back to fully abnormal soon lol :)

But omg! My blog has a shiny new background! Still in the process of tweaking it because I’m not 100% keen on it, but I do like how it’s coming along so far! :D

8 thoughts on “I’m Back! But Still Recovering…

    1. Oh yeah, they did an x-ray and all that, and confirmed it was definitely an infection. I’m on antibiotics for it now, and had the tooth pulled three days go. But the recovery has been a painful one. I think so much damage was done that it’s just being slow to fade. But I’m incredibly happy that the painkillers actually work now because they weren’t doing much of anything when the tooth was still in my mouth. :(

      Anyway, definitely drinking a lot of water! Speaking of, I need to go grab a bottle lol! Thanks much! <3 :)

      1. Yeah, I was taking them the first day after my visit (I had to forgo getting the tooth pulled then because of monetary issues, and my payday wasn’t until the next day, which is when I went back to actually have it pulled). That night, the antibiotics had kicked in and lessened the pain to the point that the painkillers could actually knock it out almost entirely. But I’m definitely not going to stop taking the antibiotics until they’re gone. In fact, at this very moment, I haven’t had painkillers in about 7 hours, and for the first time since this all started, I don’t feel the overwhelming need to take them. There’s some pain, but it’s not severe enough to be distracting! I might actually get some substantial writing done today! LOL WEE! :D

        Anyway, thanks so much for the well wishes! Getting comments from you guys definitely helped to keep me going! <3

      2. That’s ok. I had all my wisdom teeth removed about 15 years ago, it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had to go through. Are there bulk bill dentists in the US? In Australia you can opt for a payment plan/instalments to pay for dental work at a private clinic or government approved emergency work at a government run clinic. Either way you don’t have to wait.

      3. Yeah, this is the 7th tooth I’ve had pulled, and the first four I lost were my wisdom teeth. As for the dentists here, we do have programs, but you have to qualify for them, meaning if they deem your income to be too high, regardless of the amount of bills you have to pay, you won’t get any help (this is my problem in a nutshell). Aside from that, the dentists all demand payment up front, so I was literally sobbing at one point because I didn’t think I was going to be able to go see them because I didn’t have the money, and I couldn’t deal with the pain I was in. I definitely asked if they would set up a payment plan of some type as well, but no, they never do anymore. =\

    1. LOL! Same here! This was the seventh tooth I’d had pulled, and I was still getting all squeamish when I went up there and sat in the chair. =|

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