Blue Moon by Angela Colsin (Book Review)

Blue Moon has a new review on Kelly’s Book Blog! Thanks so much! It made my day knowing you enjoyed the story! :D

Kelly's Book Blog

Copy provided for an honest review.

5 of 5 – New Favorite!

Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Cade is the new Alpha of a local area pack after his father’s tragic passing. He must take on the family business, support his family, keep his pack members in line and now deal with a newly turned female whom was turned against her will to be a part of an underground “wolf fighting” ring. Cade has many responsibilities and now with Ashley in the picture; he must keep his pack safe while teaching her how to deal with her new abilities. He doesn’t have time or the drive to find a mate but fate may have found her for him…Ashley.

Ashley had to get away and leave home. After securing a new job, she packs up her car to start a new life elsewhere but she doesn’t expect everything to fall apart. After nearly…

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