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The Final Calling is Now Available!

tfc_med I’m a little late at posting this, but The Final Calling is now available at the following retailers:


Excerpt #1
Excerpt #2

Synopsis: Prophecies, tyrants, assassins, and exiled royalty aren’t the things Edith Walsh thought she’d be dealing with when her training as a mage apprentice began. Her main focus is becoming an enchantress by completing the Final Calling—a grand scavenger hunt all apprentices undertake to gather items needed to craft their coveted staff and gain eternal life.

This challenge can prove lethal if care isn’t taken to watch one’s steps. But making matters worse, Edith has also been marked for death by the Steward of the Perosian Empire, a tyrant named Rothario, all because of a pesky prophecy made centuries before her birth foretelling his demise at her hands.

So what’s a mage to do? Simple; accept the assistance of a sexy Perosian who’s dealt with Rothario’s minions for as long as he can remember. Yet Isaac wants far more than Edith’s safety—she’s his mate, and his fiery gaze, wicked tongue, and shameless seductions inflame her more intensely than she’s ever known.

Convicted of murdering the imperial family of Perosia, Isaac’s spent centuries as a fugitive hunted by a homeland he doesn’t recall. But his ruthless talent for survival serves him well, and there’s nothing he won’t do to protect Edith from the forces threatening her life, even if it means sacrificing his own.

Under the cut are a few thoughts from me. I wouldn’t say they’re anything spoilery, but just in case, click with caution :P!

Oh. Mah. Gawd. I just had to say that because The Final Calling has been kicking around in my head for a very long time now, and the fact that it’s finally been published is a real accomplishment for me. I’m hoping it’ll be an enjoyable read as well, and since it’s been a few days now, I thought I might make a few comments on some of the events that take place in the story (specifically outside of Edith and Isaac’s relationship).

For example, Chandra. We finally get to see a little more of her in a personal sense, and we learn a lot more about her past with Isaac specifically, and how they initially met. I really had a lot of fun getting that out, as well as introducing one of my personal favorite characters, Arias–and as an author, I’m going to get nitpicky now and specify that a lot of people are probably going to pronounce his name wrong. I’ve heard it said phonetically as “Ah-Ree-Ahs” before, but the I in his name is like the word “eye”, so it’s “A-rye-us”. Rye like rye bread. Okay, I’ll stop being picky now lol! :P

In any case, I might go as far with him as to say he’s something of an author’s pet. Sort of. Not that I haven’t been just as cruel to him as any of my other characters. Wait, crap, did I say just as cruel? Heh, that’s an understatement. Wait, did I say understatement? I’m just kidding, Arias has led a life of rainbows and sunshine.

Or has he? =|

The last thing I wanted to comment on is Dra’Kai. Fucking. Dra’Kai. is a boss. I may have hinted at the presence of a dragon in The Final Calling before, but (and this is as spoilery as I’m going to get) yes, we meet Dra’Kai in this story, and yes, I had so. MUCH. FUN. writing a gigantic dragon kicking ass! :D

So when I mention in the author’s notes that this story was an adventure to write, I really did mean it, and I sincerely hope it’s just as much fun to read! Now all I need is a shirt that says, “Don’t mess with me: I’m on my Calling and when I have my staff, I’ll come back to kick your ass.” XD

Cheers! :D

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The Final Calling is Now Available!
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3 thoughts on “The Final Calling is Now Available!

    1. Awww, thanks! <3 And now I must go hide in a hole because I suck at getting compliments lol!

      I haven't forgotten about your stories either, and I'm really sorry I haven't been able to get back to reading them. But things have been so hectic for me lately and they just got all in the way D:

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