Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin (Book Review) 

I hate how it seems like I never know what to say whenever I get a review on any of my books, and it seems like that hasn’t changed this time around either! Thanks so much, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Light of Dawn! (It’s kind of funny too, whenever I see reviews on Light of Dawn now, I always think “the good thing about reading book 2 now is that The Final Calling is out so no huge cliffhangers!” LoL!)

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Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Charlotte’s love life is in shambles. Her marriage failed in less than a year because the chemistry just wasn’t there. Her body wouldn’t respond to her ex’s touch and her ex couldn’t handle the lack of intimacy. Charlotte feels that it is her fault that she couldn’t ignite the hot chemistry between them. Out of nowhere a cursed box is sent to her, followed by a hot dragon (draconian) warrior, Ulric, trying to find the box and collect a hefty reward. It seems like everything was planned for a reason….like Ulric was meant to meet Charlotte…Charlotte’s world has just been turned upside down.

Ulric had been a captive of the vampires in the past. He was forced to be a slave in many different ways but the worst was having to give his body over to others for their personal pleasures. Feeling violated and…

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