Strange Brew by Angela Colsin (Book Review)

Oh wow! That sense of “I have no idea how to respond” has returned, and it’s even worse now. I keep saying “THANK YOU!” and it just doesn’t seem like enough! But I really do mean it, thanks so much for the glowing review! Now I need to figure out how to send a box of donuts and some confetti or something lol!

Kelly's Book Blog

4.5 of 5

Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Copy provided for an honest review.

Troy is a werewolf who is losing a bit of himself every day, leading him to the brink of death. Decades and decades have past and he has yet to find his mate. His mate is the only person who can stop him from changing into a monster. After watching his brother’s long search for a mate that ended with him being executed before he was capable of murdering others, Troy has accepted the fact that he will face the same fate and die. Then one day he is told to move because his mate had been located. Moving with very little information he must find his mate before death is the only option…

Aislinn is a young witch. Working two jobs, a waitress at Blue Moon and at the family owned business, Strange Brew, she is learning…

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